“Europe, Take Your Killers Away!”: The Youth of Lugansk Picketed the Office of the OSCE

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Today in Lugansk the youth from several district of the republic picketed the office of the OSCE. 
This was reported by the press service of the “Patriotic Association of Donbass” organisation.

The event was timed with the day Aleksandr Turchynov signed the decree [in 2014 – ed] on the beginning of the so-called “ATO”.

“Europe, take your killers away!”

As the student Elizabeta Korshok said, four years ago she was obliged to spend whole days in a shelter under endless shelling and bombing, as a result of which civilians died – including women and children.

The young people chanted: “This is your peace?”, “This is the Easter truce?”

The activist Ioann Sheshkin listed the statistics of murders and emphasised that today in Ukraine a green light is given to the most frank Nazi ideology.

“Take Nazis away from Ukraine”

It was noted that the Ukrainian authorities created and armed Nazi units, among which there are ill-famed “Azov” and “Right Sector”.

“Look at who is in power – Nazis!”

The picketers stressed that Ukrainian Nazis received the right to kill, and Europe and the US – which became the sponsors of Nazism and terrorism – patronise them.

The young patriots of Donbass lit candles in memory of the victims of Ukrainian aggression, and handed over photos of the killed children of Donbass to the OSCE employees who came outside.

At the end of the event the youth of the republic attached photos and posters to the fencing of the OSCE representative office.

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