Europe Will Soon Feel an Acute Gas Shortage: the Process of Transferring Gas to China Has Begun

Russia has repeatedly told the Europeans that it is difficult to do business with them on mutually beneficial projects and it is not easy. It has already been announced that Nord Stream 2 is the last project with Europe and all possible future problems with gas shortages are already the problem of Brussels. Perhaps there will be gas, but at a completely different price.

Gazprom has already started design and survey work on the next gas pipeline, Power of Siberia 2, which is to pass through Mongolia to China. This project has a capacity of 30 billion cubic meters and is very interesting in the sense that the construction of the gas pipeline will be from fields in western Siberia, where gas is supplied to Europe, so Russia will be able to transfer gas from the European to the eastern direction.

Europeans should already think about their future, but they are still busy with other things, and as a result, one day they will feel all their Russophobic policies in the same way the Baltic countries are feeling now deprived of Russian transit money.

To all this, we can add that the gas price for China is the highest among Russian gas consumers, and this is another plus in redirecting the gas flow to the east.

As for “Power of Siberia” project, China’s GTS operator “PipeChina” reported that the company has started the operation of the second section of the gas pipeline, which receives gas from “Power of Siberia”. The capacity of the Chinese part of “Power of Siberia” will grow to 27 million cubic meters per day. It is planned that the gas pipeline to Shanghai will be completed by 2025, when “Power of Siberia” will reach its design capacity of 38 billion cubic meters.

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This gas is still not enough for China and it is ready to receive another 30 billion cubic meters a year after 2025 through the second gas pipeline “Power of Siberia 2“.

Kot Znaet

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