European Parliament Heard Why the Ukrainian Authorities Won’t Investigate the Massacres on Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The journalist and former political prisoner Ruslan Kotsaba, who spent more than a year in a pre-trial detention center, spoke in the European Parliament.

Kotsaba spoke about this to correspondents of the Ukrainian oppositional edition “Golos Pravdy”.

According to him, on February 28th in European Parliament he described why our power “during three years hasn’t found the time to investigate the massacre in Kiev in 2013-2014 – the shooting of ‘people killed during Euromaidan’ and Berkut law enforcement officers (more than 130 people), and also in Odessa – in the Trade Unions Building (42 people)”.

Kotsaba arrived in Brussels on 27.02.17.

As a reminder, earlier survivors of the massacre on Maidan in 2014 stated that events of February took place according to a thought over scenario in advance. It is for this reason that three years later the investigation was actually stopped, and evidence was destroyed.

The First Deputy Prosecutor-General of Ukraine (2010-2013) Renat Kuzmin sent to the General-Prosecutors Office an appeal with the demand to check the participation of the present power in the shootings on Maidan. There is no answer.

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