European Satellites Begin to Leave Washington’s Orbit

By Ollie Richardson

After over a century of being used by the Anglo Saxons as a trojan horse against the USSR, the countries of Europe are starting to experience the slackening of the CIA’s leash that has suffocated and debilitated the continent to the point of exhaustion.

After being defeated in Syria (“Assad must go”), before his resignation in January, 2017, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said to the notorious Bild magazine:

“As always when power changes hands, there are uncertainties, doubts and questions about the new course the new leadership will take.”

He continued:

“But in these times if a new global disorder it is about more, and there is a lot at stake today – with the election of Donald Trump the old world of the 20th century is over for good.”

Steinmeier’s words in reality are a very accurate representation of the current geopolitical picture, and if anything are an understatement. But what does he mean by “old world of the 20th century”?

As was discussed in the article What a Real Ship of Shame Looks Like, the British empire was able maintain its vicegrip around civilizations and nation states by using its naval power, which over time established what is known as the “three pillars” of the British empire: monopolisation of the global shipping trade; domination of the international banking scene; domination of the globe’s raw materials. No single country could even import or export a bar of gold without London being involved, usually using pirates as proxies. However, this strategy hit a brick wall when the Kaiser’s Germany started to secure for itself a supply of oil from the Ottoman empire. This would mean Britain’s coal-powered ships would be surpassed by Germany’s petroleum-powered vessels. Thus, the first world war began.

In the same way that the British empire established itself as a major player in the international arena since the repeal of the “corn laws” in the 1840’s, today’s Russia – built on the foundations of the USSR – is emerging as a major power of similar strength. Whilst the CIA tried its best to prevent such a development (Operation Gladio, Yugoslavia war, Afghan war, Chechen war, Georgian war, Ukraine war, Syria war, MH-17 and the subsequent economic sanctions etc…), it would appear that it was all in vain. The failure of Operation Barbarossa would prove to be an experience that would put the Russian nation on an unstoppable path of development. Russia being as united as never before, the remaining ace up the CIA’s sleeve was a coup – enter Gorbachev. Soon the USSR’s nuclear stockpile would be shed, and “economic reform” would begin to strangle the Russian economy. Washington was happy – even more so when Boris Yeltsin plunged the knife in further. The legacy of Lenin and Stalin would have evaporated forever if it were not for the emergence of one man – Vladimir Putin. Slowly but surely he would revive the Phoenix, rekindle its fire, and give it the vitality to rise from the ashes.

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It is the process very briefly outlined above that Steinmeier is referring to when he said “the old world of the 20th century is over for good.” In addition to the words of the Foreign Minister of Germany, the British Prime Minister Theresa May also issued a SOS call, stating that the UK will no longer bomb countries into the stone age “in an attempt to make the world in its own image”. Obviously it’s difficult to trust a serial liar, but the video below is proof she said it anyway:

In the sphere of International Relations this change in foreign policy is described as a transition from Idealism to Realism. Or in other words – bankruptcy. Since Liberalism seeks to install a prototype of itself in any differing nation – whether by force (invasion in third generation warfare; the use of armed proxies in fourth generation warfare) or by subversion (colour revolutions; economic sanctions etc) – in order to control the means of production and the land’s raw materials, this requires either solely sovereign funding, or collective “crowd funding” by satellites.

For example, in order for Britain to truly oust Bashar al-Assad from Damascus, a no fly zone must be installed. This requires intensive media campaigns to brainwash the public into accepting military decisions (since they involve spending tax-payer money), stable funding of think tanks and locally implanted NGO’s to control the domestic narrative, and the deployment of ships and air groups. This all costs money – something that both Germany and Britain do not currently have. Thus, the result is the headline below:

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Meanwhile, with today’s waving of the white flag by two outposts of the iron curtain, and with the “three pillars” of the now decrepit Britain and its spawn America being in a state of severe oxidation, the foundations of the Russian world can now put new meaning to the description “superpower”:

  • Military

Russia’s ground forces are, as a fact, now untouchable. Anti-air defences, artillery, anti-tank, ICBM, rifles, cyber tools, infantry vehicles, robots, radars, explosives etc – while the parts are extremely impressive, the sum is something else entirely. Air and Space Forces – all that is demanded here is that they are better than the toys Lockheed and Boeing are pushing out, which isn’t difficult considering how embarrassing the F-35 programme is. And the naval fleet – judging by the lack of funding and the breakdown frequency of US ships and submarines, there is nothing to worry about here. All skeptics need only need to refer to the Syrian war to see what Russia’s military can do today. In fact, May’s statement is one of submission to the S-400 system in Latakia, Syria – an actual existing no-fly zone.

  • Economy

Months of western sanctions on Russia have been the equivalent of urinating in the wind. European industry was thrown under the bus, a passenger plane named “MH-17” was shotdown, and enterprises in Europe used loopholes anyway to do business with Russia – in other words, the sanctions were a massive failure. Now Russia’s economy will grow in parallel to China’s, and with no “perestroika 2.0” looking likely, Wall Street traders will be saying buy ruble, flush the dollar.

The harrasing of admiral Kuznetsov as he makes his way back to base only highlights the now vulnerable condition of the former sole “superpower”. While the world is stuck with Theresa May for the foreseeable future, in 2017 a new leader of Germany will arrive. Steinmeier’s replacement Sigmar Gabriel has already stated that he is interested in friendly relations with Russia, and even would welcome the lifting of sanctions. At the same time, in France it looks likely that either François Fillion or Marine Le Pen will replace Hollande in the 2017 elections – both are candidates who advocate friendly relations with Russia and aim to remove Salafism from society.

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In this regard, it is likely that any new French/German leader will want to follow the lead of Viktor Orban – a man who stood on the fringes of the refugee mess in Europe and took the necessary precautions to avoid a repeat of Germany’s fate. In actuality, the destabilisation of Europe was a planned strategy by the CIA in order to ensure that no country was able to pivot to Russia under the weight of the economic strain caused by such an influx of those seeking “EU values”. Leaders such as Orban knew the game, and refused to play it. This is why it was important for liberals like Manual Valls and hyper liberals like Clinton to use as a focal point of their respective pseudo-manifestos the imaginary boogeyman named the “far right”, in order to embed simulacra inside the heads of the electorate.

Apparently, “Orban is a Nazi!” because he refuses to grab his ankles for Washington. It’s all the more comical considering the correlation between those who cry “far-right” and those who actually are in bed with the actual Nazi Stepan Bandera-loving regime in Kiev.

Ollie Richardson on Sputnik Radio discussing the Trump-Orban-Putin axis.

So, for Herr Steinmeier and Lady May, it’s not all bad, as they will still receive inflated salaries and have literally zero chance of ending up in the Hague – the “reputable” International Criminal Court only punishes the victim, sometimes even murdering them in their cell. But for the very people that they were elected to represent, the next “Islamic extremist” attack (blowback from supporting terrorists in Sy-raq) or “multicultural” Salafist mosque opening (Qatar and Saud lobbies pay well) awaits them.

For everyone else who doesn’t live under a liberal dictatorship – buckle-up and enjoy the multipolar ride. Oh, and don’t forget to thank Erdogan for shooting down the Russian Su-24, something that will be remembered as the day NATO entered checkmate.

Foreign ministers, Sergei Lavrov (C) of Russia, Mevlut Cavusoglu (R) of Turkey and Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran, attend a news conference in Moscow, Russia, December 20, 2016. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov – RTX2VUYG

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