The European Union Demands Full Access to the Secret Documents of the SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Employees of the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) demand from Ukrainian State structures full access to internal documents. This was stated in an interview to “European truth” by the head of the EUAM Kęstutis Lapinskas.

According to him, European auditors came to Ukraine not to control the authorities, but to help them “build a State” and to undertake reforms. For effective work, as Lapinskas noted, relations between EUAM and Kiev must be as open and confidential as possible.

“For example, one of your bodies asked us audit the system, but as soon as we started working, we heard: ‘Our structure is confidential, the internal documents are classified’. We refused to work like this. How can we conduct an audit without having access to documents? What can we evaluate here?” said the head of the Advisory EU Mission in Ukraine.

Lapinskas didn’t name the structure in question, however the journalist of the publication assumed that it is the Security Service of Ukraine. The official said that the most open State bodies are the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police. Besides the specified structures, the mandate of the EUAM also includes reforming the work of the prosecutor’s office and border service.

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