“Every Day They Shoot, There Is Never a Quiet Day” – Resident of Staromikhailovka About UAF Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson



A girl described how she came under UAF shelling whilst at home.

“I was very frightened, I started being hysterical, and begun to hit the walls with my fists, shouting very strongly, I was frightened to open the door in front of me as there was white smoke and nothing was visible, I was extremely afraid. It was at 13:00, I was in the house, there the dog is lying as it was hit in the head and leg,” she said.

“Every day they shoot, there is never a quiet day, every day, and the last two days were simply unbearable, well that’s how it is,” said the resident of Staromikhailovka.

During the interview the shelling on Staromikhailovka began again.


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