Evgeny Murayev: Impoverishment Will Cause Ukrainian Regions to Beg for Accession to Neighbouring Countries

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



A People’s Deputy of Ukraine said that Ukraine has been in the hands of western countries for a long time and is controlled by the hands of America. “Kiev can’t continue to act independently, since all initiatives of the country’s government have been written by Washington for a long time,” said Evgeny Murayev.

“The fact that Ukraine isn’t in a position to agree on something actual with other States testifies to this,” stressed the people’s deputy Evgeny Murayev, having added that “nobody has dealt (with Ukraine) as an equal partner” for a long time.

In a separate statement the People’s Deputy of Ukraine criticised the “dancing” of the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko and some other politicians around the credits of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other western credits.

Murayev noted that “the statehood and sovereignty of Ukraine is given away for such a low amount of money”.

The People’s Deputy is sure that a change of government in Ukraine won’t give the country anything positive today, since the oppositionists in Ukraine adhere to the same views as the present government.

“Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleg Lyashko – they all regularly go cap in hand to Washington,” noted Evgeny Murayev.

“Those who go to the US for ‘negotiations’ won’t be able to change anything in the country,” stressed the people’s deputy of Ukraine.

“Taking into account the present situation in Ukraine – certain regions are oriented towards their neighbors (Russia, Poland, and Hungary), in the event of a sharp decline in the standard of living of ordinary Ukrainians the regions will start to beg for accession and will become a part of the neighboring countries in accordance with the model of the Republic of Crimea,” summed up the Ukrainian politician on the air of the NewsOne TV channel.


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