Evgeny Prigozhin on the Topic of the US’ Designation of ‘Wagner’ as a ‘Transnational Criminal Organisation’

NEW – January 25, 2023

Enquiry from the editorial office of the RT TV channel and the response


My name is Nikolay, producer of the RT TV channel.

We would like to ask a question to Evgeny Viktorovich:

The formal inclusion by the US government of the ‘Wagner’ PMCs in the list of transnational criminal organisations occurred just a few days after the success on the battlefield in Soledar. This is despite the fact that the United States has been throwing various accusations at ‘Wagner’ for several years. What do you think explains these new steps on the part of American officials?

We will be very grateful if Evgeny Viktorovich can answer our question!”

We publish the comment of Evgeny Viktorovich:

“Good and evil are always fighting in the world. PMC ‘Wagner’ is a force. Russian force. And this force is always on the side of good.

Of course, if you philosophise, then for some the ‘Wagner’ PMC is good, and for some it is evil. But this is evil according to our enemies. America and Russia are sworn enemies, this is a given, no matter what views you hold. The task of the Americans is to destroy Russia into small parts, and then take on China and other rivals, after which they will remain the largest and most powerful country in the world, the very talk about multipolarity and unipolarity of the world. And so far, the United States is coping with this task very well. Take the USSR as an example.

The ‘Wagner’ PMC did not commit any crimes. They’ve been trying to pin various crimes on us for days in different parts of the world. But unlike American paramilitary structures, the ‘Wagner’ PMC destroys exclusively the enemies of peace and does not commit crimes. Of course, if one is engaged in the substitution of concepts, it’s possible to dig down to anyone. But then it’s worth asking questions. Who dropped the only atomic bombs in the history of mankind on Hiroshima and Nagasaki without any consequences for themselves? Who organised wars and revolutions in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Mozambique, Central Africa and so on? In some of these countries, the ‘Wagner’ PMC then came and stopped the wars with an iron hand. Therefore, if we consider the ‘Wagner’ PMC to be a criminal organisation, then the United States is a powerful criminal syndicate that exists with the money of the whole world. From which it follows that next to this criminal syndicate, the ‘Wagner’ PMC is more like the moral police.

I have a lot of secrets that upset America so much, I have witnesses who remember how CIA officers trained Osama Bin Laden, brought bags of money and weapons for ISIS in Syria and other countries. They trained bandits and terrorists all over the world so that there would be unrest everywhere: in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America. It should have been quiet only on the island of the blue dream called the USA.

Most of the world powers are trying not to conflict with America. Those regimes that fight back against them are usually declared anti-democratic, then criminal, and then terrorist. The ‘Wagner’ PMC is not a country or a regime, it is a young unbridled force that the Americans are so afraid of. They tried to destroy this force near Deir ez-Zor in 2018, but it has perked up and looks into the eyes of the personification of world evil without fear.

It is very important that we have never behaved aggressively towards the Americans, but, nevertheless, we did not allow them rudeness. More than once we caught armed groups and employees of the American intelligence agencies who tried to harm the ‘Wagner’ PMC and organised assassination attempts. Each time we gave them a kick in the ass and let them go in peace (there are plenty of video materials), before sending them home, ‘feeding them lunch and dinner’.

Therefore, the Americans are at a loss: it seems that we do not touch them, but we do not allow them to spread their fingers. That’s why they get so upset. We don’t need someone else’s, but we won’t give up our own either.

Well, damn, you’ve touched a nerve with me. It seems I fully answered.”

Evgeny Prigozhin’s Press Service

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