Evidence of Mass Murder of Russian Prisoners of War by Ukrainian Soldiers

NEW – August 6, 2022

Irrefutable evidence of the execution of Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian militants — at the disposal of “Readovka” are videos taken shortly before the brutal execution of our soldiers and immediately after it. Detailed analysis of the evidence and circumstances of the tragedy:

On August 3, we published a video filmed by Ukrainian militants this spring at the end of March in the Chernigov region. It depicts the bodies of unarmed Russian prisoners of war, shot in the head in cold blood. The executioners who dealt with our soldiers, contrary to all the provisions of the Geneva Convention, mocked the dead and boasted with laughter that they shot one while trying to escape.

New video footage proving the atrocities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces against Russian prisoners of war has ended up at the disposal of “Readovka”. In the video, three of our soldiers, blindfolded with duct tape, are brought in by car and unloaded for a brutal massacre. Comparing the two videos in detail, we found that the same soldiers are in the footage, and the action in the second video takes place shortly before the prisoners of war are on the ground, shot in the head at point–blank range.

Despite the poor quality of the video provided by the “ZOV” team to “Readovka”, we were able to establish the similarities between the military in both videos in terms of clothing.

The first prisoner of war is identified immediately thanks to khaki trousers with black elements and a dark blue insulated jacket with light blue fabric inserts on the shoulders and sleeves, as well as black shoes.

The second prisoner of war is dressed in a grey-green monochrome turtleneck and green khaki trousers, shod in light dark shoes. He has a thick build, and a bald spot can be seen through the wrapped-up head. But the main identifying detail is the red bandage on the knee. In the video, where the fighters have already been shot, we can see a man with a similar physique and in similar clothes, also literally for a second the leg of the victim is seen in the frame on which a red bandage is visible, only in the frames it has strayed from the knee to the ankle.

The third prisoner of war is dressed in trousers and a khaki jacket of the same set, there is a hood on the jacket, and he is also wearing a dark green hat. He is wearing black trainers with grey inserts on the sole. A distinctive detail is that he wears one knee pad. In the second video with the bodies, the hood, trainers, and knee pad are clearly visible. This soldier, as previously pronounced off-screen by the Ukrainian militants themselves, was killed while trying to escape.

Attention is drawn to the difference in the shades of the clothes of the dead, however, it must be borne in mind that these two videos were filmed at different times of the day – the first, in which prisoners of war are unloaded from the car, in the afternoon, and the second, where they are already shot, in the evening. In addition, the first video was shot in the light of the sun, and the second – in a cloudy sky. Finally, it is necessary to take into account the poor quality of the camera in the mobile phone on which the Ukrainian militants were shooting.

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There is one more detail that deserves attention – according to our source, the notorious Ukrainian nationalist Vita Zaverukha, who was in “Right Sector” and known for other cases of the Kiev regime’s militants mocking the Russian military, is related to the crime taking place on the video. In the video where the Russian prisoners of war have already been killed, she is not present in the frame, but our source claims that the militants who killed the soldiers of the Russian Federation have links with her. In the second video, where prisoners of war are brought by car, a woman’s voice is heard behind the scenes, and, according to our source, it belongs to Zaverukha.

Note that the footage shows the faces and identification marks of the militants who executed Russian prisoners of war, but the editorial board of “Readovka” does not undertake to say for sure exactly how they are identified. The opinions of the experts we interviewed also differed, public attention is needed here — we ask all those who can somehow help identify those involved in the crime to contact us.

A detailed analysis of two videos, from which it follows that the bound prisoners of war in the car and the killed Russian soldiers on the ground are the same people, is more confirmation of this. At the same time, all the defendants have not yet suffered any punishment. There is also no reaction of the world community to this egregious crime against humanity committed by the Ukrainian military.

The editorial board undertakes to provide all available materials concerning this crime to representatives of any media and international public organisations, of course, if such requests are received. The perpetrators must be punished.

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Readovka – Elena Belova, Daria Konstantinova

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