Evidence Released Proving American Pressure Being Put on Ukraine in the Biden Case

The People’s Deputy Andrey Derkach, the initiator of a criminal case concerning interference in the US election, at a press conference in Kiev published documents from which it follows that the first deputy director of National Anti-corruption Bureau Gizo Uglava during several years gave to the US Embassy in Kiev information that negatively affected the course of events in Ukraine and the US, reports Interfax Ukraine on October 9th.

“The correspondence of employees of NABU and the staff of the US Embassy during several years, which is in case papers under the Article 111 of the Criminal Code – state treason, and also documents within the framework of six criminal proceedings concerning the ‘Burisma‘ company, where the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and his son Hunter appear, will be published,” he said.

Derkach noted that these documents testify to: the controllability of NABU by certain representative of diplomatic mission of the US Embassy, and the pressure of the US Embassy from 2016 to 2018; the law enforcement of Ukraine; the interference of Ukraine’s law enforcement bodies and state officials in the US election in 2016; and also the possible corrupt actions of Biden and his son Hunter.

Also Derkach said that he has documents about the pressure being put on the former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin within the framework of the legal investigation into the “Burisma” company.

The people’s deputy assured that he received the documents from journalists/investigators who worry for their safety and life.

The documents that the deputy has demonstrate that Uglava transmitted through his assistant Polina Chizh to the US Embassy information that, according to him, is an important part of the “puzzle” of interference in the US election and international corruption.

According to Derkach, he has already transferred these documents to the State Bureau of Investigations and the Prosecutor-General’s Office. Also, the people’s deputy initiated the creation of a temporary commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada, and filed a motion to the court to resume the investigation into interference in the US election by divulging the pre-trial investigation.


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