Expert: Latest UAF Offensive on the LPR Is Designed to Influence the Next Normandy Format Meeting

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The aggravation at the frontline in Donbass provoked by the Ukrainian side obviously pursues the purpose of forcing the situation on the eve of a possible meeting between the leaders of the countries of the Normandy Four.

Such an opinion was expressed to Politnavigator by the political scientist Denis Denisov, the director of the Institute of Peacekeeping Initiatives and Conflictology, commenting on today’s UAF offensive on positions of the LPR.

“Over the last few days this is not the first aggravation, the Ukrainian side continuing to provoke the Republics of Donbass into an armed standoff is a consequence of the policy that is conducted by the government in Kiev and which is supported, unfortunately, by our western partners.

This aggravation begun after enough intensive negotiations between the leaders of Russia and France, consultations between the President of Russia and the German Chancellor, trying to agree about the next meeting in the ‘Normandy Format’.

The Ukrainian side, without hesitating any longer, wrote on the Internet that in certain regions the UAF have moved forward several kilometers. And there is no reaction from the international community at all! It only spurs on the hotheads in Kiev to continue to inflame the situation further.

If this continues, then, most likely, it will lead to another round of high intensity armed clashes,” stated Denisov.

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