Expert: Ukrainian Information Field Is Cleansed on the Eve of Large-Scale Military-Political Operations

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Director of the Kiev Institute of Peace Research and political consultant Andrey Mishin commented to Glavnovosti about the strengthening of pressure by the authorities on oppositional media and certain journalists.

According to Andrey Mishin, there are many reasons for putting pressure on the media. One of them is the preparation of the “Party of war” for a large-scale military-political operation in the east of Ukraine. As confirmation of his words the expert cited the statement of Georgy Tuka, who stated: “The de-occupation of Donbass doesn’t mean full-scale war”.

“It is quite probable that the cleansing of the information field is connected with a planned military operation. In order so that the authorities can carry it out successfully, a regime of silence is necessary. Thus, we could be on the threshold of new geopolitical processes.

Although on the other hand, everything that happens can be banal raiding. This can’t be excluded either,” stated the political consultant Andrey Mishin.

As a reminder, the political scientist Pavel Karnazytsky commented to our publication on the detention by law enforcement authorities of the editor-in-chief of “” — Igor Guzhva.

“For me it is strange that such a public outcry human rights activists, politicians, and media was done just concerning Guzhva. I will remind that in the country there are 5000 political prisoners. For example, the journalist Dmitry Vasilets and the IT specialist Evgeny Timonin, who for more than a year have had their terms of detention prolonged.

They can’t simply prove their guilt so they just delay the pronouncement of the not-guilty verdict. This is one of the few examples of lawlessness. In such conditions it is naive to hope even for the relative safety of citizens from the arbitrariness of the authorities,” stated the political scientist Pavel Karnazytsky.

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