Expert: Without Early Parliamentary Elections, Poroshenko Stands No Chance of Being Re-Elected

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The staff of Petro Poroshenko’s administration and other advisers try to convince the current head of the Ukrainian State that it is more favorable to hold parliamentary elections at first, and then hold presidential elections. Because if presidential elections are held at first, then, respectively, with high probability Petro Poroshenko won’t be the President.

This was stated by the political scientist and expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management of Policy Nikolay Spiridonov to the “Golos Stolitsy” radio station.

“If presidential elections at held first, and not elections to the Verkhovna Rada, then, respectively, with high probability Petro Poroshenko won’t be the President. And the chances of other candidates… according to their approval rating – Tymoshenko, Boyko, even Rabinovich… it’s a long list – it is quite probable that one of them will be elected as the president,” he said.

He also added that, based on approval ratings, Yulia Tymoshenko can become the most probable winner of presidential elections. Accordingly, if to assume that Yulia Tymoshenko will become the president, then it means that the “Fatherland” faction can gain 25% under the newly elected president. Respectively, the “Opposition Bloc” will be presented rather well too, probably, it will strengthen its representation and can gain 15%.

Most likely, the “For Life” party of Rabinovich-Murayev have good chances of entering parliament, because they work rather actively. The Agrarian party”, based on the results of the elections to the united territorial communities, also stands a chance of entering parliament.

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