Experts Are Surprised That Ukrainian Warehouses Still Have Something to Steal and Blow Up

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

09/10/2018 1/2

In the Chernigov region there was an ignition in military ammunition warehouses near the villages of Avgustovka and Druzhba. 
This was reported by the General Staff of the UAF. According to local journalists, the ignition happened at around 3:30 on the morning of October 9th.

About 10,000 inhabitants from 30 settlements in the Ichnya and Pryluky districts reported about an evacuation, with the explosions in warehouses being heard even 50 kilometers away from the place of events. Law enforcement bodies also blocked three highways nearby the explosion.

“The roar is loud. My house shudders. But! In Ukraine ammunition warehouses burn when the government needs them to,” wrote the local Vladimir Osetsky.

“It is just a horror! I live in the village Bolshaya Zagorovka, the village is full of people, cars, buses, and any such transport, it’s the second wave of evacuation. There are requests for help, the explosions that were heard were terrible. I woke up due to the fact that the furniture started to shake, it is terrible to feel it and to see. I have a lot of friends and relatives in Ichnya, we help as we can. I very much sympathise with all,” wrote Yana Lozitskaya.

Also, it was noted that the 6th arsenal of the UAF Command of support forces (military number A-1479) is one of the largest among all bases, arsenals, and warehouses storing rockets and ammunition. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman urgently travelled to
 the place of the incident.

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The political scientist Aleksandr Semchenko affirms that the detonation of ammunition warehouses is another attempt to cover up the plundering of military property.

“It seems that again someone was caught stealing and thus theft was hidden again via a way of concealing of abuses that is proven to be reliable. I think that it was theft. Perhaps weapons were sold to Donbass, to that side, or perhaps somewhere else. Poroshenko reacted to the event a little unconventionally, more actively than the last few times. It is quite possible that this time he is not a subject of it,” assumed the expert.

He reminded that in the previous cases investigations were carried out, and every time found some switchman that, according to the political scientist, will be and in this case.

“In this warehouse there were 88 thousand tons. It much. It appears, at us not all have blown up and have stolen. Still is what to steal and eat to what to blow up”, – the interlocutor of the agency has told.

He has also paid attention to the fact that this time very few people speak about the “hand of Moscow”.

“Probably, all have already understood that it is more than ridiculous. Neither Shkiryak made comments about sabotage, nor Gerashchenko. Journalists asked questions about the possibility of sabotage in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but the Ministries of Emergency Situations simply gave the figures – how much ammunition was there, how many explosions happened per second, but at the same time they didn’t push forward any narratives. They are behaving carefully in this regard,” added Semchenko.

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