Experts: Poroshenko’s Allies Will Be the First to Flee the Ship

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko quells the sprawling revolt, however will he be able to stop a mountain of demands for his impeachment that can soon arrive from the side of local authorities?

Ukrainian political scientists interviewed by the “” publication consider that the withdrawal by deputies of the faction of Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and “Nash Kray (Our Land)” of their signatures under the appeal of the Kiev Regional Council to the Verkhovna Rada to legislatively record the possibility of impeaching the President was the result of pressure placed on People’s Deputies by the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

So, Rostislav Ishchenko believes that Petro Poroshenko thereby wants to quell the mutiny on his own ship, whilst it’s not too late.

“You understand that in connection with his low popularity and the failure of everything the threat of impeachment hangs over him like the sword of Damocles. As soon as it becomes a reality, his Deputies and those allied with him will be first to flee from the ship. Therefore, in order to not allow this he decided to smash the revolt. It is clear that the deputies who withdrew their signatures are connected with his structures and receive from them preferences. That’s why they were quelled with the help of these levers, and they withdrew their signatures,” assured Ishchenko.

Vladimir Kornilov considers that for Poroshenko’s power it is important to nip such initiatives connected with impeachment in the bud.

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“He needs to stop the mountain of similar decisions by local authorities. That’s why to frighten it is necessary to accuse local Deputies of abusing authority, to demonstratively intimidate and punish the initiators of this affair. So that others are not tempted. It is what Bankova Street is now engaged in,” said Kornilov.

As a reminder, on June 22nd the Kiev Regional Council with 57 votes from 84 accepted “The appeal on the removal from of the president of Ukraine from his post as impeachment”.

However it became known a bit later that 3 Deputies from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and 4 Deputies from the “Nash Kray” faction removed their signatures, which were allegedly put by mistake.

Earlier the former governor of the Donetsk region Sergey Taruta, the head of anti-corruption committee of the Verkhovna Rada Egor Sobolev, and also Deputies from the “Opposition Bloc” supported Poroshenko’s impeachment. They accused the President of incompetence and corruption. A group of veterans of the “anti-terrorist operation” headed by the head of “Revolutionary right-wing forces” Bronislav Sukhoi seized the reception hall and demanded Poroshenko’s impeachment because of repressions against the right-wing radicals.

According to the Ukrainian media, in the Verkhovna Rada the “Fatherland” faction of Yulia Tymoshenko introduced the bill of procedure of impeachment of the President directed against Poroshenko. Deputies from the “Opposition Bloc” and “Self-Help” are ready to support it, and at the final stage the Radical party of Oleg Lyashko is ready to join this initiative.

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