Explosion Without Consequences: Two Years Since the Journalist Pavel Sheremet Was Killed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Two years have passed since the moment the journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed. His car exploded in the center of Kiev when an explosive device was placed underneath it and detonated.

Sheremet was loyal to the authorities, unlike the oppositional Oles Buzina. But no suspects have yet been established in the course of the investigation into his death.

Glavnovosti asked political scientists what the chances are of the investigation into the murder of Sheremet being successful?

The orderer was chosen

The political scientist Pavel Karnazytsky noted that the person who is guilty of murdering the journalist was chosen even prior to the investigation.

“If the investigation hadn’t initially listened to any Anton Gerashchenko and had looked into all the narratives of the assassination attempt instead of looking for the ‘Russian trace’, then perhaps we would already have some result. The desired result of the investigation hasn’t happened, and now the materials are classified,” said Karnazytsky.

According to the political scientist, the main narrative of the murder is Sheremet’s professional activity.

“What did Pavel Sheremet discover that provoked the decision to silence him forever?” added the expert.


The truth isn’t favorable

The political scientist Kirill Molchanov reminded about the lack of results in the investigation into the murder of the journalist.

“We see the obvious unwillingness of the authorities to carry out an investigation. They started to push forward the narrative that it was the ‘hand of the Kremlin’ from day one… I think that Sheremet’s case will have the same character as Gongadze’s case. I.e., society will learn about the truth only after a change of power,” stated Molchanov.

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According to him, it would be naive to now count on there being results from the investigation.

“We understand that the truth before the elections can play against the police of Ukraine,” added the political scientist.

One more unresolved matter

The political scientist Andrey Zolotarev noted that all the problems of today’s Ukraine can be seen in this story.

“This is the hatred and violence reigning on the streets. This is the failed, absolutely pernicious reform of the law-enforcement system and its full incapacity to act. This is the catastrophic, worsening situation with freedom of speech,” stressed Zolotarev.

He noted that despite the US’ demands, the culprits haven’t been found and the case entered into a dead end.

“Sheremet’s case will fill up a book of political murders in which the guilty persons aren’t found and aren’t punished,” added the expert.

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