Exposing a Bloody UAF Provocation

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Red news

On May 30th, the Deputy Commander of the DPR Armed Forces, Colonel Basurin E. A. during a daily briefing reported about the preparation by the Ukrainian side of another provocation in the suffering Avdeevka, which, according to intelligence data, was planned to happen during the period from May 30th to June 2nd.

And on the same day, at about eight o’clock in the evening the despicable plan was carried out – three locals, one of which critically, were wounded.

Certainly, the Ukrainian media literally began to jump for joy, in every possible way damning “fighters” and “terrorists” because of who, allegedly, innocent people suffered. At the same time, as was reported by Kiev-controlled media, the shelling used 82mm caliber mortars, the maximum range of which is slightly more than 3000 meters.

But the closest position of the Armed Forces of the DPR is more than four kilometers away from the place of the tragedy!

Is any more proof needed of the criminal nature of the Kiev regime, which, for the sake of a beautiful picture in the media, are ready to sacrifice the life and health of the civilians?!

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