Facebook Bans Users for Criticising Ukrainians

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Representatives of Facebook banned the Russian user Pavel Eremeyev for an incorrect, according to them, comment: “In fact, everything you need to know about Ukraine and Ukrainians”.

The comment of Vladimir Pavliv that resulted in the banning of his account: “In fact, this is everything you need to know about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Ukrainian = Russian minus culture”.

“It was a comment on the Internet. I communicated with a person who defended the Ukrainian position, in a jaunty and obscene manner they tried to prove that Ukrainians are a much more civilised nation than Russians, and are more European. I noted that his antics just prove the opposite,” said Eremeyev to “Ridus”.

The user admits that he doesn’t consider the comment to be offensive.

It is clear that I didn’t praise Ukrainians. But if this was said about me, about my social group, I, perhaps, wouldn’t pay any attention to it. In general Facebook quite often bans users just for insufficient admiration of Ukraine. At the same time some Ukrainian-speaking users openly call to kill Russians, but none of them are banned, he explained. Eremeyev added that he is going to submit an appeal to Facebook.

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