Facebook Leaks Personal Data to the Ukrainian Assasination Website “Mirotvorets”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The filth that you can’t block on Facebook.

A bedtime story. Horrible.

Do you know, my friends, that the administration of Facebook is leaking private information of its users to the Ukrainian site “Mirotvorets”?!

There was suspicion for a long time. But now there is strong confidence. Due to the fact that one immeasurably big-mouth a**hole was too joyful about the death of Irina Berezhnaya.

In Ukraine there is some kind of blogger Miroslav Oleshko. A volunteer of “Mirotvorets”, who has a warm and close relationship with Avakov and Gerashchenko. He can be called a blogger only by a long stretch. He writes mediocre Russophobic posts in the spirit of “glory to Ukraine!”, promising a quick death to all separatists and vatniks. But that’s not important.

Something else is more interesting. His main activity is to sh*t on the posts of opponents and to monitor their reaction. Everyone who starts to argue with him instantly becomes the object of gross attention. For example, having written a mass of monstrous abominations under the post of the mother of Irina – Elena Berezhnaya, he immediately began to show off his trophies with his “fans”. In particular, his remark regarding our inhabitant of Kiev Svetlana:

Miroslav Oleshko: “They started to guess…”

Tatyana Shustina: “I don’t believe in such accidents. It is being done with the aim of neutralising and derailing such leaders as Elena Berezhnaya. God help her to overcome such horrible grief.”

Svetilkin Lanna (Svetlana): “This was my first thought too…”

Anna Shcherbakova: “I also don’t believe in such accidents. God receive with peace the soul of Irina!”

Elena Petrova: “I also thought that the catastrophe was pre-planned.”

Danylo Borysenko: “The separatist pregnant female isn’t deterred.”

Miroslav Oleshko: “Don’t worry, she’ll give birth, and then the same fate will hit her.”

But that’s not all. The trick is that it is impossible to block this scum. Facebook rejects all attempts to do so. The reason is clear. The collection of information for the continuous replenishment of “purgatory” is his main work.

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Miroslav Oleshko: “The facial recogniser found those who are needed. The supporters of occupiers and fighters, and even the deceased Irina Berezhnaya helped it at the price of her death.The facial recogniser will be launched for everybody in 18 days!”

Roman Zaitsev: “Aleksandr Talipov, If you were not here, then Selin would not have been included in Mirotvorets, while here we developed a forum at the time, but somehow we missed him, but we see that you have a photo with him. Miroslav Oleshko, thank you for yesterday baiting Talipov out. There are also Savchuk & co. Talipov will be thanked.”

In the end, the cocaine the “blogger” indulges in is an expensive pleasure. And the plan must be fulfilled well.

And yet this young maggot is secondary. He is just a cog, which ensures the smooth operation of the system of Ukrainian lawlessness. To which the American social network Facebook contributes to fully from start to finish.

Following this I strongly recommend that in case of detection of this personage in your comment not to engage in polemics with him. Of course it’s not a panacea, but if you live in the territory of Ukraine, then you there is a chance that you won’t end up in the database of “Mirotvorets” as fast as your more talkative compatriots.

And the last thing. When you read another post saying that all of Facebook’s data arrives on the desk of US intelligence agencies – you are not particularly worried. Let them at first perfectly learn Russian profanity, and only then read our correspondence.

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But when it is your personal data and all the contents of messenger, which, thanks to the friendly relations between Europe and the United States, arrives at the disposal of the Ukrainian special services – this, let’s agree, is not a reason for joy.

Do you think that it is vain that Facebook so persistently and regularly requires you to submit a personal photo showing your face, and then also documents – from passports to credit cards?! Moreover, it is noticed that users with an explicit “anti-Ukrainian” position are subjected to such verification more often than others. Now it is quite understandable.

Once you get in the field of view of such a “blogger” – then voila. You will be blocked until you surrender and stop your activities or will bring on a silver platter your face and passport details. In order to very quickly appear on the list of “enemies of Ukraine” on site “Mirotvorets”.

And, yes! Dare I ask if there are no violations of human rights and treacherous violations of the guarantees of full confidentiality stated in the rules of Facebook?!

On the other hand, today there is an information war. And neutralizing every opponent is equal to the physical elimination of a combat unit of the enemy.

So don’t lose vigilance.

And remember this a**hole.

After all, the Earth is round.

Nobody knows if he will appear in your way not only on Facebook but also in reality?!

Whoever has the possibility – please distribute this text on FB. I am tightly blocked there. Here is a link to the account of Oleshko

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P.S. What was needed to prove.

Not even an hour passed before this post published in VKontake already decorated the FB page of this a**hole, who sweats to collect data for “Mirotvorets”. By the way, he even threatens me.

Miroslav Oleshko: “A ‘Bedtime story’ from the betrayer of Ukraine, from the city of Odessa, which the assistant of terrorists tried to hand over to the aggressor and to bring blood and tears of grief to the lives of the people of Odessa. The assistant of terrorists is sure that cooperation between the Mirotvorets Center and Facebook will bring huge results for Ukraine. I quote a little snippet from the screenshot:

Link to object and future fallen one:”

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