Facebook’s Persecution of Public Figures Who Oppose War in Ukraine Continues Unabated

By Ollie Richardson

On January 30th, 2018, an attempt to log into Facebook resulted in a message stating that Stalker Zone’s “Oleg Tsarov” page had again “violated the Facebook community standards”.

“Do you want to unpublish your page and review what else might have violated our community standards?”

The following screens asked for consent to remove a post and to unpublish the page in order to complete the verification procedure. However, for reasons unknown the exact post that violated this most sacred “community standards” was not presented. A quick verification showed that all the most recent posts still remain, so if anything was even deleted (because after all, psychological operations are the US’ specialty), then it most likely was an older one.

This latest forced “deletion” is just another episode in the comedy series known as “Facebook vs Oleg Tsarev, which so far has resulted in the removal of the politician’s personal Russian account and his first English language one. Note that the reason the spelling “Tsarov” is used is because Facebook removes any page with “Tsarev” in its name.

Facebook removed Oleg Tsarev’s English language page in the autumn of 2017. No explanation as to why was given.

Why Oleg’s pages are being harassed by Facebook’s administration team is very simple to explain. In 2017 it became known that informants of the SBU are in cahoots with decision makers at Facebook, and in the same year Facebook shamelessly recommended to Oleg Tsarev to change the listed external URLs on his pages to ones that led to a page on the vile banderist mafia website “Mirotvorets”, which even Poroshenko’s advisor admitted utilises Facebook. Why this happened might have something to do with what can be seen in the following two videos:

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In other words, those who are deemed to pose a threat to the Maidan regime in Kiev (especially in relation to the information war) must be silenced – moreover, those who oppose the fratricidal war unleashed in Ukraine by Washington D.C. And it’s not just Tsarev himself who is being persecuted, but also his environment. The personal Facebook accounts of staff of the Crimea-based “NewsFront” agency, many of who are close friends of Oleg in real life (not just FB “friends”), are subjected to weekly bans and even permanent account deletions. Thus, the only safe place where such “troublemakers” as Sergey Veselovsky, Aleksey Zhuravko, Yulia Vityazeva, Konstantin Knyrik, Aleksandr Rodgers, Andrey Vadjra, etc can continue to work unhindered is on VKontakte – even alternatives to Google’s YouTube – also known for mass censorship – are becoming more and more popular. In addition, the author of these lines can confirm that touching upon certain topics will indeed lead to a permanent account “suspension”.

And taking into account everything mentioned above, it should come as no surprise that not only do Facebook posts that openly call for hatred and/or hostility towards everything Russian escape unpunished, but also the pages of terrorist organisations such as “C14” [link], “Right Sector” [link], “Azov” [link], etc are apparently acceptable and can promote genocidal bandits like Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. Here is an assortment of examples (from many):

In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg insisted that people “expressing their views” has “driven democracy overall”, but what definition of “democracy” is he referring to here?

According to the Oxford dictionary, it is:

It’s not known if the definitions above match Zuckerberg’s one, but according to their logic, in America ALL colours of the political spectrum should be allowed to participate in elections: white supremacists, admirers of the Third Reich, black rights movements, BDS groups, even libertarians. But this is not the case. In America only groups that meet specific criteria are allowed to actually find themselves in a position of power, and this criteria isn’t determined by Americans themselves or inside America itself. Hence the adage that the US government doesn’t actually work for Americans, but for the interests of foreign lobbies.

This imposed and controlled from abroad political system draws lines in the sand for the working man and woman, and the only chance to obtain a better quality of life is by conforming to the feudal system known as “capitalism”. Those who have completed the conveyor belt “education” system come out the other side both heavily in debt and with substituted norms and values. In this regard, the movies “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Social Network” can be interpreted as lame attempts to package the “American dream” as some rags-to-riches story. For example, in the latter example the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed as some calculated revolutionary who had good intentions but was betrayed by another player in the game – Napster. For Americans themselves who have never lived in another culture or who haven’t even left their own state (which is the vast majority), this sort of warping of reality is enough to convince them that every single person represents another opportunity to unilaterally extract more “wealth”. On a mass scale, this becomes the State ideology. And with this in mind, the business mogul Donald Trump is the most authentic US President in this regard, although in truth his predecessors differed only by the fact that they had the excess wealth to play around in politics for a longer period of time.

In the end, the constant persecution of Oleg Tsarev on Facebook comes as no surprise, after all, the social network for the last 7 years has also deleted posts and banned accounts that highlight how there are no “moderate” rebels in Syria or that Western weapons somehow end up in the hands of ISIS militants. What makes this circus all the more pathetic is that just 24 hours before the latest “punishment”, Facebook very aggressively insisted that a €30 voucher should be used to “boost” a post of the English language Oleg Tsarev page:

Here is a reminder that the opportunity to “boost” the post still exists:
And here is the post in question that Facebook requires credit card details for to “boost”:

Facebook’s personality appears to be split…

It should be noted that Stalker Zone has never and will never give Facebook or any social media website even a kopek. Such a “pay to play” system is the embodiment of the very thing that we strive to not only fight against, but to destroy. It can be said with certainty that this story will be continued…

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