Facts of the Furgal Case That Are Inconvenient for MSM Propagandists

Welcome, dear friends! Today’s topic – Saint Furgal.

For some time I collected and put aside all interesting information about his case, and after thinking and remembering about people who are interested in this topic, and who have already thanked me for just mentioning it, I decided to finally present you with these interesting facts on a platter.

So, let’s consider whom our deeply disrespectful Khabarovsk and non-Khabarovsk lemmings are in solidarity with, whom they demand to release, and for whom they are ready to pray.

And at the same time, we will touch on such interesting questions as why Furgal was not arrested earlier, if the development of his case was carried out for 15 years, why the fabricated information about its political background and Putin’s elimination of “competitors” in the person of Furgal is nonsense, and why it is a moral crime to stand up for Furgal.

There is the opinion that there would be no information fabrications about the “political background” of the Furgal case, or protests and rallies of dissenters, if Furgal had been detained, for example, when he was a simple deputy of the State Duma. I don’t quite agree with that. Even back then there would have been attempts by higher ranking countries to save Furgal from prosecution, and the reasons to bring people to the protests would have been invented on the fly. It’s just that at the moment, the “he was a cool governor, people love him, so he’s innocent” reasons are the most convenient. But they would have tried to get Furgal out 100%.

Because, guys, there are so many people directly or indirectly involved in his case that you can only shovel this dung pit in a space suit on top of a flak jacket.

To begin with, organising the murders of your competitors isn’t the only thing that Furgal might eventually be convicted for. The first talk about the Governor of the Khabarovsk territory maybe being brought to criminal responsibility started in mid-spring – not for murder, but for the disastrous embezzlement of money and bringing Amurstal to a pre-bankruptcy state.

This factory fell into the hands of Furgal de facto in the process of raiding. Furgal simply tossed the Moscow founder of the Balsky plant out of management, dragging him into muddy games with the purchase and sale of shares, and before that, he also attached to “Amurstal” a whole lot of front companies (“MIF-DV”, “Stroitel”, “Scrap Far East”, “Khabarovskmetalltorg”), through which huge money was withdrawn. In the end, 2 billion rubles were lost from “Amurstal”, and the factory had to be stopped altogether. In March, for example, it was possible to ship only 12,800 tons of products, while the factory is able to melt 200,000 tons of scrap metal per month.

To this day, specialists of the Main Directorate of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption are still investigating these turbid schemes.

The most interesting thing here is that both Furgal’s ex-wife and his former accomplice Mistryukov are involved in this case, with whom, by the way, he organised “competitor purges”. In the case of “Amurstal”, deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party Kuznetsov and Kozlov were already arrested, information about this case whizzed past like a comet in the information space and was immediately conveniently forgotten by all the major media, and instead of it, all sorts of comparisons of Furgal and Putin’s approval ratings started to be pushed through. Don’t you think that’s strange?

I think so, especially since one way or another a quarter of the current convocation of the legislative authority of the Khabarovsk territory is involved in the Furgal family business. And did you think about why local authorities organise such large-scale rallies for the Far East? Everyone wants to save their own ass.

If anything, “Amurstal” was saved: in just one month, as the factory was pulled away from raider captures, it was possible to conclude new supply contracts, and the purchasing structure increased by 7%.

And they managed to save it only when the shares of the factory returned back to Balsky – he bought them from the former owner Mistryukov, when he was arrested at the end of autumn last year for organising murders (the same case as Furgal). Balsky immediately purged all the previous management – he fired directors, deputies of directors, and all sorts of other top managers, for example – Deputy Kuznetsov, Kozlov, and Zyubr – he could also soon be under investigation as a suspect, and after him a lot of people – Lopatin, Shokhin , Eglit, Batyu, Bezdenezhnykh. And all these people are from Furgal’s team. And they all sit in power on the Khabarovsk Territory.

Is what is happening already starting to become clear? The Furgal case and the “Amurstal” case, although not yet officially unified, are being developed one by one.

So no, Furgal was not a “fine Governor”, he was a fine bandit who de facto occupied an entire region for his professional looting, and put his accomplices in power. This particular, incidentally, explains the drop in Khabarovsk region in the national rating of investment climate in regions of the Russian Federation, from 18 to 63. Who the hell wants to invest in enterprises that become potential bankrupt under the skilful management of Furgal.

So, Furgal’s track record already has financial schemes and money withdrawal abroad – and did you think that the stolen 2 billion remained in the country? Certainly not.

Let’s go further, dear friends. Let me destroy the myth that people are not for Furgal, but against Moscow and Putin personally. They say that the entire Khabarovsk territory is against the current government.

Look at these wonderful reports from two years ago. This is how the Khabarovsk territory voted for the current President Vladimir Putin.

And if someone can say that the turnout was, like, minimal, because everyone knows that it is pointless to go to vote in elections – then here is the turnout. By the way, it has grown since the last time, Yes. And it is on the same level with the turnout of other regions – the Krasnoyarsk territory, for example, Zabaykalsky, Kamchatka. In some places higher, in others lower.

Please, sirs, tell me, Khabarovsk residents are against the authorities? Well… Khabarovsk residents quite clearly demonstrated their attitude towards the centre two years ago, at about the same time Furgal was elected.

Yes, 69.57% of the electorate voted for him. But let me remind you that Furgal competed not with Putin and Moscow, but with the complete idiot Shport, whom Khabarovsk residents still mention with shudders and bad language – like how in Vladivostok, for example, they mention Nazdratenko or “lisping” Darkin.

And the turnout was … oh, 44%.

In principle, the Far East has its own atmosphere due to its strong distance from the centre, but the attitude to the authorities there, as elsewhere, has its own nuances. Yes, we, the Far East, have always been independent, especially after the infernal 90s, but to talk about some kind of hatred is simply absurd. Some scold the authorities, some support them. People are the same everywhere.

So it’s not about approval ratings.

And now we come, dear friends, to the most difficult part of the article. Specifically, why hadn’t Furgal been detained for so long?

So, Furgal was detained at the initial stage of the investigation into the murder of businessman Evgeny Zorya as a suspect – along with his eternal accomplice Mistryukov.

Their guilt was confirmed by both the testimonies of witnesses and the materials of the investigation, but Furgal and Mistryukov were released two days later – “due to lack of sufficient evidence”.

It is already known that Furgal exerted pressure on law enforcement officers, and they informed him about the investigation – so that Furgal would take more effective measures to destroy and conceal evidence, and so that he would know which of the witnesses should be intimidated. But Furgal had another “roof” – in the form of the Prosecutor of the Khabarovsk territory Malinovsky, who had this posotion from 2002 to 2005, and then, under the protection of Chaika, became the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. It was very convenient to make friends with Malinovsky – at first Furgal’s name and surname were recorded in the protocols with errors, then his name suddenly started to disappear from the investigative documents, and in the end Furgal and Mistryukov in general somehow mysteriously disappeared from the official databases – all these mentions that Furgal, in fact, was under criminal investigation simply disappeared. Well, how convenient, right?

Therefore, for all these years, there were no grounds for resuming the criminal case, and then Furgal buddied up with the Liberal Democratic Party and got to the State Duma, becoming “untouchable” thanks to parliamentary immunity. This helped him to continue to evade the investigation, not to appear for questioning, and lead these law enforcement agencies to a dead end. And then, as you remember, there was the governorship.

And only in 2019, when Malinovsky finally resigned, the investigation suddenly finally moved off dead centre – first they managed to capture the killers who killed people via Furgal’s prompts, then they managed to capture Mistryukov, who, in fact, turned in his accomplice Furgal.

And then, at the beginning of 2020, they “set aside” Chaika, and then the investigation was finally able to get close to Furgal.

Shortly before Furgal’s arrest, Mistryukov, who gave final evidence to the investigation and entered into a pre-trial agreement, was taken out of “Lefortov” pre-trial detention centre under heavy FSB protection to an unknown destination. All that is known is that he is now in one of the safe houses, as there are fears that an attempt will be made to eliminate him, as the star witness in the Furgal case.

They also hide other important witnesses. And the wife of the murdered Evgeny Zorya, who, thanks to Furgal’s long-term intervention, could not get normal protection, is now forced to live in Canada, since it is simply dangerous for her to return not only to Khabarovsk, but also to Russia.

Disputes between Evgeny Zorya and Furgal arose over the territory of a reinforced concrete plant. The conflict reached trial, and the day before the last court session, where the dispute, judging by all the circumstances, had to be resolved in favour of Evgeny – he was “mysteriously” and very timely killed.

When Furgal’s companion Bulatov, who is not implicated in “murder”, suspected Furgal of killing Zorya – he also died under very strange circumstances.

Then there was the businessman Smolny, who became a competitor to Furgal’s centre for receiving scrap metal – Smolny accepted raw materials at higher prices. Two grenades were thrown into his garage, but the businessman managed to survive.

And after the murder of Roman Sandalov, who also prevented Furgal from running his business – prevented by the fact that he could potentially know something about his dealings, even though he worked as a simple fitter and just occasionally handed over metal. One of the killers, Furgal’s “personal driver”, confessed to his murder. A personal driver with a Saiga in the car, yeah.

Here’s the deal, guys.

Do the lemmings understand who they are kicking up a fuss for? Maybe some do. But think about what kind of moral bestiality you need to stoop to in order to protect a bandit and a corrupt official, and not only to protect, but also to yell “I/We”, solidifying with him, making him a part of your conscience.

It is a pity that this is just a moral crime that these lemmings do not even realise. A whole organised gang in the power of the Khabarovsk territory brings them out like sheep to protect “their’s”“their’s”, who can turn them all in, like how Mistryukov previously turned in Furgal, and these sheep go out and chant, protecting the interests of bandits and corrupt officials.


So I will conclude the article with the words of Larisa Zorya, the widow of the late Evgeny:

“I am sure that Furgal is not worthy to be the Governor of the Khabarovsk territory. When you go to rallies and shout: ‘Bring back Furgal!’, you can imagine the eyes of my children!”

But do these lemmings care about the eyes of children whose fathers Furgal killed?

Protecting a bandit from the “evil Kremlin” is better paid in every way, and it’s not bad to feel on the same wave as the crowd that is “about to take Putin out of his office”. Oppositional personality disorder – this is what they call it in the US, which these lemmings often pray for.

And there, in the US, this oppositional personality disorder is being treated, by the way. Like a mental illness. According to American doctors, it affects about 3-5% of the population, and it is easily corrected.

Oh, we don’t adopt the same laws as the west. Or the same trends.

Because voluntary protection of a scumbag should clearly be considered to be a mental illness.

Enver (Zen Yandex)

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