Faina Savenkova: Dear Mr Orban…

NEW – July 30, 2022

To His Excellency the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor,

Hello, Mr. Orban!

My name is Faina, I am 13 years old and I live in Donbass, in the city of Lugansk. I was born in the wonderful peaceful country of Ukraine and thought that it would always be like this. And now I am very hurt and sad to see what the government and nationalists have turned Ukraine into over these 8 years. Crimea and Donbass have always been close to Russia, and they could not stay in a country where it is forbidden to think the way you want.

I have experienced and am still experiencing everything that is happening here: shelling and killing of civilians – children, women, old people. For three years now I have been talking about this in my essays, fairy tales and short stories. All this time, as a child of Donbass, I have been trying to stop the bloodshed and the killing of people, but, unfortunately, I am only 13 and all I can do is tell the world about it. For the fact that I write and talk about the events taking place in our country, the nationalist website “Mirotvorets” posted my and my family’s data to the public, after which threats began to arrive. I believe that it should not be like this for a website that threatens the lives of many people, including children, to work in the centre of Europe. Now I’m trying to do everything so that this criminal website is closed.

I have always respected you and Hungary for the fact that you and your small country did not get involved in this war, did not allow violence and destruction in your country. I know that unlike other European countries, Hungary has its own independent opinion. Hungary is listened to in Europe, you are considered. Therefore, I really ask you to express your opinion about the “Mirotvorets” website, since this site contains not only my data, but also at least 326 more children from different countries. Perhaps there are even from Transcarpathia, where Hungarians live.

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I think you understand me, because you were also included there without explanation.

I believe that when the war is over, I will no longer have to write about the war and I will have only fairy tales. And I really hope that you will help me to realise this little dream.

Faina Savenkova

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