Faina Savenkova: Spiegel’s Silence

NEW – April 17, 2022

Going through my old photos, I came across a photo with Christian Esch, a journalist for the German magazine “Spiegel”. Yes, can you imagine, we had a German journalist from this famous magazine in 2019. Back then I was just starting my journey in creativity and of course I didn’t know who it was. I just took a picture with him in the theatre.

That’s how my introduction to German journalism began. I always wondered what Esch wrote after all, but I couldn’t find that text. And the other day a German friend sent me this article. After reading it I was very offended that such a well-known journalist and world-renowned publication – “Der Spiegel” – is as biased and not objective as always. I, of course, am used to the fact that we have been bombarding ourselves for 8 years and I do not expect anything from nationalists, but I got scared that journalists and politicians are calling for war with Russia.

I am sure there are many in Germany whose ancestors fought on the eastern front. I really wish they would listen to the stories of their great-grandfathers.

And to Christian Esch and “Der Spiegel” I would like to ask only a few questions:

How can you support those who kill and arrest all those who oppose the authorities? Yes, everyone who wanted peace in Ukraine has been arrested because Zelensky wants war. Or does the arrest of Viktor Medvedchuk and other, less well-known people, mean nothing to you? How can you continue to support those who create and participate in the nationalist “Azov” regiment? Those who put all the undesirables in the base of the “Mirotvorets” website?

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I think “Spiegel” magazine will remain silent as usual. The questions will remain unanswered. I am sorry that there is no alternative opinion in Germany anymore. Although it’s not surprising now.

Faina Savenkova, Daria Donzova

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