Fake “Mariupol Maternity Hospital Bombing”

NEW – March 11, 2022

The SIGNAL Telegram channel asked several military experts and a photographer to comment on the footage from the maternity hospital. Everyone agreed that the shots are staged.

Here are the arguments:

  1. There is no steaming /fuming of the ground in the places of alleged ammunition explosions.
  2. There is no dust suspension on the street and in the building from the destruction of plasterboard piers and ceilings, as well as from the destroyed ventilated facade of the building (the inner lining of which is made of glass wool).
  3. There are no women with newborns, maternity hospital staff, emergency medical personnel and rescuers in the pictures. Only representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and “photo models”.
  4. There is a huge amount of broken glass in the corridors and premises of the institution. That is, the breaks were outside the building and the shock wave of glass flew into the premises. With such destruction, there would be a huge number of victims with characteristic wounds: faces and hands cut by glass fragments. In the pictures, none of the (two!) “models” have no such damage. Hands, all without exception, without any damage and traces of blood. As, however, there are no injured and dead in the corridors and rooms of the maternity hospital.
  5. The faces, hair, outerwear and blankets of the “victims” are without traces of blood, dirt, dust and soot.
  6. The poses of the models are static, there is no dynamics and haste in the pictures, except for the frame with the stretcher.
  7. The group shot + model with a blanket. In the left part of the frame there are representatives of the UAF, who are heating something in pots on a fire.
  8. The large portrait of a girl in a mask. The same thing… there is no damage and dust, dirt on the hair, face and hands. Fresh manicure on the nails. The mask is also obviously new, dressed so that the face is unrecognisable.
  9. Traces of dried blood on the faces are also of a strange shape. That is, it looks like small local bleeding, in which a person was lying down and the blood had time to curdle. There are no streaks all over the face, like a vertically standing person. There are no drops of blood on the clothes. In addition, even when a person’s nose bleeds, they instinctively wipe it away. I.e., if a person is injured, the victim would try to wipe the blood at least once or make sure that he is really injured.
  10. File numbering and erased EXIF data. All the pictures were taken with a professional camera, not with phones. There is not a single picture from the civil services or random eyewitnesses.

Before the shelling, Ukrainian radicals were based in the building of the Mariupol maternity hospital No. 1, there was not a single woman in labour in the premises of the children’s hospital. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said this at a press conference following the results of the trilateral meeting in Antalya.

“This is not the first time we have seen cries about the atrocities that are being repaired by the Russian armed forces. At a meeting of the UN Security Council, there was information that this maternity hospital was captured by the ‘Azov‘ battalion – it was the base of the ultra-radical ‘Azov’ battalion, all women in labour were expelled from there,” the minister said.

Lavrov also added that he followed the situation and got acquainted with “emotionally compiled reports in the media” – information about the seizure of the medical facility was provided to him three days ago.

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