FAKE: “Russia Killed Civilians in Bucha”

NEW – April 4, 2022​​

Fake: The dead in Bucha are the work of the Russian military, and the evidence to the contrary has no basis.

Truth: Some of the victims are people destroyed by the defence. This is confirmed by the Ukrainians themselves.

The rest of the bodies are the consequences of shelling conducted by the UAF after the departure of Russian troops [first video seen below] – this is indicated by a large number of craters from artillery strikes on the [second] video [seen below].

Craters caused by BRDM fire

And also – the indiscriminate firing of Ukrainian troops and “Azov” soldiers who entered the city. This is confirmed by a large number of corpses with white “neutral” bands (used by the Ministry of Defence and civilians) and videos in which representatives of the territorial defence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are clearly interested in knowing “Can I shoot?” and get an affirmative answer.

On March 31, after the withdrawal of Russian troops, the mayor of Bucha reported that the city was liberated, but did not say a word about the victims and corpses on the streets.

Information about this appeared only four days later, which raises more and more questions. By the way, bodies with their hands tied are a characteristic handwriting of Ukrainian militants and territorial defence.

This is confirmed by numerous videos that they brag about on social networks.

The deputy of the Bucha city council and a volunteer of the territorial defence, Katerina Ukraintseva, in an interview with “Meduza”, admitted that Russian troops did not shoot people in her presence. Those who are lying on Yablonskaya Street were killed as a result of chaotic shooting by the UAF. And she also confirms that the Ukrainian military is to blame for the main destruction: “If the UAF had responded to the Russian army in full, the city would have been completely destroyed.” She says that her house was fired at from the BRDM, however, there are no such outdated vehicles in service with the Airborne Forces, which controlled Bucha until March 30 — but this is the main vehicle in service with the UAF.

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