Fakes & Provocations: The Weapons Used By Russia’s Liberals Against The Constitution Amendments

The vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation entered the stage of expression of will, and immediately the so-called liberal opposition became active, posting on social networks if not outright fakes, then all sorts of distortions.

For example, a well-known blogger who once claimed to be a politician, Aleksey Navalny, published several posts (example) on his Facebook page since June 25th that discredit the procedure for expressing the will of voters.

“You probably expect me to write posts criticising this fake vote. To be honest, I was planning to, but here’s a video taken this morning. No criticism from me can look more convincing,” he wrote on the morning of June 25th. “Vladivostok. Polling station No. 838 is organised in the boot of a car in the courtyard of a house…”

“Yesterday morning we were surprised by an unprecedented vote in a boot. And this morning did not disappoint and beat yesterday’s. I present to you a polling station in the back of a GAZelle” – this is a post from the morning of June 26th. And finally, the afternoon from the same day. “The ‘election commission’ in the boot of the car and the ‘election commission’ in the back of the truck pale in comparison with this stylish voting point for Putin’s reset. Krasnoselsky district of Saint Petersburg. Polling station 1132 is organised using a cart from Pyaterochka. It’s Petersburg, baby!”

Navalny is also echoed by a certain “Professor Talk”, who, according to him, is unable to tolerate “Putin’s Russia” and because of fears for his life allegedly moved to Riga a few years ago. If Navalny focuses on the squalor of “polling stations”, the “Professor” in his posts focuses on the “poverty of Russia”.

“What is striking about all these photo reports about field voting? It is a deep, abominable, and hopeless misery. Whether it’s a shabby five-story panel building, a rural bus stop, or a barnyard, everything is saturated with it. This is such an opportunity to get acquainted with the country, to see its everyday life,” wrote this character, commenting on the photo of voting in the tundra. A sled in the foreground, the characteristic appearance of the voters and other attributes in the photo indicate that this is not happening in any locality, but in a summer settlement of reindeer herders. In a temporary camp with a summer hut, scattered throughout the tundra. These huts are a refuge for shepherds, fishermen, and ordinary travellers seeking temporary shelter in their wanderings. But the “Professor”, lovingly selecting the most disgusting photos about Russia (like the deputy editor of the capital’s newspaper Muzhdabayev, who escaped to Ukraine and is now coming out with waves of Russophobic bile from there, once did) does not care, as he’s not touched and the choir sings it, violently shitting on the country and the people. The idea that shit can be found anywhere (and even more so in Riga), simply does not come into the “bright” heads of sufferers for the “Beautiful Russia of the Future” with “kind faces”.

By the way, the “Professor” is a very mysterious character. He has the US billionaire Warren Buffett as his profile picture (maybe a twin, and even identical, and childhood they were separated – ?), there is no personal information, he became active on social networks in 2014, which makes one think, regularly “kills” the Russian economy by Tesla and Ilon Musk, sympathises with pretty boys, judging by his bias in terms of groups, contradictory in their statements about repeated emigration from Russia, etc.

The media has already written about the provocation carried out by Pavel Lobkov, who allegedly repeatedly voted using the same passport. According to experts, this provocation became possible because the Election Commission included members of the “PARNAS” party who were spiritually close to Lobkov. But it turned out that this may not be the private initiative of a journalist from the liberal “Dozhd“, once a star of “NTV”, but the implementation of the same methodology that non-systemic opposition regularly fail with from year to year, not justifying the foreign grants and other financial assistance poured on them. In particular, the Internet has revealed the correspondence of the former chief of a staff of Navalny in St. Petersburg:

“Ira, we have a new instruction from A. A…. Try to vote via one passport several times by recording this fact on video. The goal is to end up with a few videos that demonstrate that the results of such a vote cannot be accepted…”

And the answer: “Yes, of course, we will train people…”

As for Navalny, he does not openly call for falsifications or provocations. It seems that he is cautious, as it is not the first time, substituting simple performers and limiting sarcasm to “polling stations”. He just doesn’t inform his followers that the info in his posts is not about normal stationary polling stations, but about the so-called “exit” voting at the local polling stations that were created because of the coronavirus. Because the pandemic, although it has declined, is far from over. And anyone who does not want to expose themselves even to potential danger can make a request to vote outside the premises, and the election commissions will grant their request. At the same time, with such an expression of will, the voting participants receive protection from the offsite team. And he cannot be reproached for lying. He simply did not tell the full truth.

By the way, Gunnar Lindemann, a member of the house of representatives of Berlin, said that Germany should learn from Russia’s organisation of voting in the context of a pandemic and even expressed the hope that his country will learn from this experience.

Aleksandr Bolgov

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