Falsehoods About the USSR Mustn’t Become a Symbol of Faith for New Generations

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




False allegations of traitors of the Motherland mustn’t become a symbol of faith for the new generations.

Talk about the Soviet Union being a Paradise of Heaven that was destroyed is simply a deception of the people, said the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk. “The situation in the Soviet Union at the time (before the signing of the Belavezha accords) was extremely difficult: a profound economic crisis, political conflict, spiritual crisis. There was a queue for everything. I was head of Department of the Central Committee, and then Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine, but, visiting Moscow, I was bringing home butter and dry sausage. My wife asked me to do it,” said Kravchuk to the website Tut.by.

Firstly, I will clarify that at the moment – on the eve of the signing of the Belavezha accords, the Soviet Union was already practically ruined by Gorbachev’s “perestroika” implementors of the same type as Kravchuk, and its economy was paralyzed. Moreover, there is reason to believe that it was paralyzed quite consciously to finish off the country. I saw first-hand how it was done. In the seaports of the USSR, at that time thousands of containers of imported foodstuffs accumulated, which was supposed to compensate for disruptions in supply – artificially caused by the “reformers”. So — these containers rotted at this place. And after the collapse of the USSR, their pungent contents were taken to the dump. In any case, to accuse the Soviet Union and the Soviet system of doing actually what was actually done by its enemies is the highest form of impudence, which only those like Kravchuk was capable of.

In principle, it could be possible to not pay attention to this blabbermouth, one of the three main participants of the Bialowieza conspiracy, which violated the sovereign will of the people, clearly expressed in the referendum on preserving the Soviet Union on 17th March 1991. However, in conditions of a monopoly of liberal propaganda in the space of the former USSR, that almost incessantly, during the whole quarter of a century, brainwashed millions of people in the spirit of hatred for their historical past, to ignore these false statements would be fundamentally wrong. People need to understand that they are blatantly deceived by self-serving, predatory and despicable beings, who actually deprived them of their homeland and subsequently gnawed it down to the bare bones.

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Using complete misinformation of new generations, who have no idea about real life in the USSR, these bastards still continue to hammer the nails into the coffin of the country killed by them, thereby consolidating their own dominance over its completely fooled people.

And today, already even quite adequate people, literally crushed by this rampant propaganda begin to be confused in basic concepts and repeat its typical speculation. For example, in personal correspondence with my very logical-thinking Internet-interlocutor, the echoes of the same liberal myth creation were heard.

“I have a tricky question — objectively speaking, in the USSR we didn’t live better than today. In terms of basic things, it was poorer for sure. And then the raw materials were exported in huge quantities, and this money wasn’t seen by the country, production was not modernized, at least of commodities. So when was there more looting — then or now?..”

I’m obliged to explain to the dear interlocutor things that would seem to be completely obvious, but, nevertheless, which were successfully deleted during the propaganda manipulation from the current mass consciousness:

I will answer your “tricky question”. There is even no need to compare the USSR and present-day life. First of all, during the Union we lived incomparably better. What do you think — how much in dollars does the confidence of the Soviet people in tomorrow cost, when the state guaranteed the living minimum to each of us just because of the fact of being born in the USSR? How much is the mandatory employment of all able-bodied citizens and completely free education, including higher? What is the price of free-for-all medicine and nearly free sanatorium care? Yes, this system had its shortcomings. And not in small quantity. Because at this time there was no “exclusive” American medicine $5,000 for packing and the right to give birth in Paris. But, oddly enough, the population grew in leaps and bounds, and the average life expectancy of 75 years was one of the highest in the world. And it can’t be compared to the more than thirty million souls who disappeared to God knows where under the current “democracy”. Or, for example, the three-room apartment that the state provided my family was in a very dilapidated condition. The walls were torn, we had to glue new wallpaper. Floors, also, were not parquet. But for this apartment we didn’t pay a single kopeck. And payment for utilities was so insignificant that it was quoted at the level of the price of a bag of sunflower seeds. I.e. nobody had a headache over it. It’s not like now, when many, especially in Ukraine, think about what to spend the last money on – food or on housing? I and millions like me studied in the USSR for a whole 15 years (ten at school and 5 in higher education) and didn’t pay anything for this. On the contrary — we received extra money to encourage a high level of study. Before each of us was a huge life choice. A resident of the same Ukraine were free to study in the best universities in the country – in Moscow and in Leningrad. We could, if desired, go to work anywhere – from Tyumen to Bam, where they paid a lot more than at home. And now from the same Ukraine, where there is virtually no work, you still have to find a way to leave.

The USSR never sat on the proverbial oil and gas needle. It had, in general, a self-sufficient economy that produced almost everything in the first place. Yes, we were not very rich. But, at first, there was nothing superfluous, which is now in shops nearly 90%. What for do we need tomatoes in January and obviously other chemical garbage? While at that time our football players were athletes of the highest level, which were loved by the entire country, instead of being concerned about the salaries of shallow careerists, who always have a square ball. Yes, indeed somewhere there was not a lot of sausage. But it was 100% natural, from the real, living yesterday meat, and not like the current – from the warehouses of the Brazilian army during the first crusade in Indian Maya. And my fridge was never empty. And not just mine. And most importantly — no one died from hunger in my lifetime. But there was no terrible current of consumerism — this self-aim of the life of morons, for which a previous model “iPhone” is akin to a life disaster. People really had a high meaning in life — to succeed in school, in science, to become an outstanding artist, athlete, to find ourselves in the workplace, in the military service of the Motherland. And concerning your words about “the country did not see this money”, this is pure liberal hogwash. The USSR was developing rapidly – huge accommodation construction, we had the most powerful army in the world, which we felt was like being behind a stone wall, and we were not afraid of anyone in the world, hundreds of new factories were built annually. I grew up in a small town in Transnistria, which in just 15 years changed for the better beyond recognition. I can go and on…

Here is the beginner’s guide to truisms I am obliged to pronounce today. At least so that such completely impudent Kravchuks, who obviously, counting on our short memory, thought that we forgot everything, and that we will offer our eyes for the pulling of the wool over them. It will never happen. We remember everything ourselves, and we will describe it to children and grandchildren. So that they have something to compare with. And so they never become those who don’t know where they came from. And to strongly remember our main commandment – “We are not slaves! Slaves are not us!”

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