Famous Ukrainian Doctor: The Aim of the Authorities Is to Exterminate as Many Ukrainians as Possible

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



If you didn’t trust some politicians oppositional to Poroshenko’s regime, who cried out from powerlessness: the present so-called “elite” seized power for the purpose of the extermination of Ukrainians, read what the children’s doctor – absolutely nonpolitical and authoritative around the world – Evgeny Komarovsky says.

And he says the following: They came to exterminate, their purpose is to exterminate poor Ukrainians as much as possible poor, because they don’t need them. “I am wary of the connection between what the Verkhovna Rada does, and what is going on in Ukraine regarding the media. Now in our country there can’t be any political fight. The media is completely controlled by politicians. Any new political force must have a tribune to voice their ideas and thoughts”.

Such a thesis was expressed in the published interview to the “Gordon” website by the well-known children’s doctor and public activist Evgeny Komarovsky.

We present his statement concerning the situation in the country and the present Ukrainian power below.

“Now it seems to us that there is no choice, that we at an impasse. But how can you make a choice if you can’t even see normal people? They will never be allowed on a TV screen. Whatever attitude one may have towards Schuster (love him or not), but a situation when the most rating political show of the country is being closed and journalists remain silent is inadmissible. Moreover, everybody knows that it didn’t close by itself. You don’t even understand that it is your children who will pay with their health and life for your tolerance and silence.

We can’t reform health care, we can’t reform the system of law and order without reforming the power. That power which humiliates us every day, which is interested only in one thing – that we became fewer because every survived grandmother approaches the collapse of the pension fund. While grandfathers were already successfully exterminated, so we will also exterminate grandmothers, we will push out from the country the youth and ‘wrong Ukrainians’, we will remain owners of the land, and we will quietly sell it. And this is the happiness of the politician! And if we tolerate such an attitude towards ourselves, it means we deserved it. There is only pity for children. Where can I go? I need to treat your children while you play the fool.

Any reform in any sphere of life is impossible until law and order start to dominate the country. In 2014, I already said that the main reformer is the Minister of Internal Affairs. If there will be order in the country, if there will be no favourites, if the rules are the same for all – then we have a chance. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the court, the prosecutor’s office, tax administration, customs, all power structures have to live under the law. If they don’t – we are doomed.

It is impossible to reform medicine if there are courts operated by money. No normal person will enter into such a system. There is Suprun and Kvitashvili who enter there, who don’t at all understand the legislative and legal lawlessness in the country, who don’t understand that at any moment any decision can be ‘purchased’ and ‘outbid’.

There is such concept as ‘officer’s honor’. In our country, unfortunately, it died. Primordially a lot of things were kept on this officer’s honor. There is such a concept as ‘medical honor’, it has no relation to the Hippocratic Oath. A doctor is a person independent in their opinion, who has huge powers and huge responsibility.

I am touched by one fact: when our people move to Germany, Finland, the US, Israel, they in a few weeks adopt other rules of the game and live very well. It suits them that it’s forbidden to cross the road on a red light, that in the car it is necessary to wear a seat belt, that it is forbidden to throw a piece of paper, that it is forbidden to be rude. People become normal, adequate, and law-abiding. What does this mean? It means that our people adopt any rules of the game.

The problem of our country is in the fact that those who write rules, demonstrate scandalous nihilism in relation to the rules that they invented. They consider themselves outside the law. We see that 99% of those who climbed to the top of power did so through slander, theft, abusing power, disrespect for other people, violating God’s commandments, ostentatiousness, and so on. And what example of behavior do we give to the youth? Here, look: a Deputy can hit a person live on the air, lie, use vulgarities before the the eyes of the country, and political forces can hang posters with non-censored profanity all over the country and still have a lot of voters.

That’s why I feel like a stranger in this celebration of life. I gradually began to look at everything as a doctor: for example, there is a psychiatric department – it is called the Verkhovna Rada, there is the Presidential Administration, there is also a department for the violent – I won’t name it. I.e. by and large, the State is a big clinic. But having changed the hospital’s administration, having appointed a normal head of medicine, using the correct drugs, there are ways of bringing everything to mind. But so far I don’t see a good surgeon who is ready to amputate and throw out everything unnecessary”.

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