Farewell to Illusions

NEW – September 30, 2022

The US’ victory in the Cold War and the establishment of a unipolar world order turned the collective West’s head so much that they started talking about the “end of history” (Fukuyama). Permissiveness and impunity, disregard for international laws and treaties have led to the outbreak of more than 30 conflicts and wars that have destroyed entire states. Some politicians simply lost their common sense from the euphoria that overwhelmed them, declaring the dismemberment of our country. What conclusions should the Russian Federation draw from what is happening and what does the preliminary analysis of the results of 2022 indicate?

The Gorbachev-Yeltsin Legacy

Despite all the “efforts” of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin to integrate into the channel of US national policy, it became obvious that Russia suits the West only as a raw material appendage, the saviour of the old world order. That is, a supplier of cheap energy and labour. Even with this, the Yeltsin government was ready to accept it. But appetites in the West were growing more and more. NATO was unceremoniously expanding eastward. New military bases and biological laboratories have sprung up around Russia, and increasingly stifling sanctions are being imposed… The question directly arose about the existence of the Russian Federation itself as an independent state, and the people as an ethnic group, the basis of the Slavic world and the centre of Orthodox civilisation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to change the situation through diplomatic means. On February 10, 2007, at the Munich International Security Forum, he outlined his vision of Russia’s place and role in the world, and said that the model of a unipolar world is flawed. “We need a balance of interests in the field of security,” he stressed. But they didn’t hear this or didn’t want to hear.

I repeat: many Western leaders did not take this speech properly, considering that Russia is a colossus with feet of clay. And in vain, our Motherland managed to significantly restore its nuclear component, first of all, and the Armed Forces in general, and increase its economic potential. Almost buried by the West, it confirmed the status of a great power in 2008 in the operation to force Georgia to peace, and defeated international terrorism in the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) in 2015. A special impression was made there by the army, the Aerospace Forces, the availability and effectiveness of new high-precision weapons systems. Russia has made it clear that it will not allow itself to be treated as a defeated country and colony in the future, that the era of a multipolar world order is coming. This was also confirmed by the return of Crimea to its native harbour, the failure of the United States in Afghanistan, and the shameful flight.

Another feature of 2022 is the death of Gorbachev, who did a lot to play up to American hegemonic ambitions. His departure is, to some extent, a symbol of the end of the unipolar world, so dear to him and the Western manipulators. “Perestroika and new thinking” was greeted with enthusiasm by the West, since it was intended only for the Soviet Union, the destruction of the entire socialist system. This goal was achieved by the West without wars, human and financial losses. An exceptional case in world history: a great nuclear power created by the millennial labour of hundreds of millions of its citizens, victorious in World War II, was destroyed by a degenerate generation of its leaders. One conclusion follows from this: the time of Gorbachev’s leadership of a great country is a shameful page in the history of Russia and a tragedy of the people. No amount of romanticism can justify this.

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About the role of the first person and elites

In Russia, it is not enough for the first person to be just a good politician. In a country that occupies 1/8 of the earth’s surface and has the most powerful nuclear potential, the leader is obliged and simply doomed to be a visionary, a wise geopolitician. Otherwise, “to bite off more than one can chew”. Gorbachev, his fellow yes-men, and later Yeltsin did not grow up to a geopolitical understanding of the role and place of the USSR and Russia, and the world order as a whole. Their entire geopolitics consisted in striving for personal power, by weakening and even destroying the state, impoverishing millions of its citizens.

Gorbachev, with his perestroika, actually deceived the Soviet people, blabbed, and skillfully concealed his pro-Western orientation. Yeltsin never rose in worldview above the secretary of the regional Committee of the CPSU, openly asked for God’s blessing for America, and was not able to think about his country and its people. Therefore, the formation of an elite worthy of Russia’s great past, capable of fully realising its powerful potential, should be one of the main tasks of the current leaders of our country.

In Russia, such rulers with strategic flair and sovereign will were Pyotr I and, of course, I. Stalin. No matter how much he was scolded, Stalin possessed the art of large-scale analysis of national and world history, the most powerful geopolitical intelligence, which is not given to all leaders. After all, the larger the state, the more it suffers from sudden unprepared changes, spontaneous reforms. Although any reform should not worsen anything, but only improve. Otherwise, this is not a reform, but a crime that should be punished with the highest measure, not limited to removal or transfer to another position.

A fact that does not require proof: Stalin led the country in a constant, permanent crisis situation. The first stage is the devastation in the country after the cataclysms from the First World War to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. The second is the mobilisation of the country for war against the invaders, the evacuation and creation of a new industrial base in the east, day-to-day leadership at the front, political and diplomatic contacts with the allies, Victory, restoration of the country, and the elimination of the US nuclear monopoly.

At each stage, Stalin’s contribution was outstanding, and as a result, according to the West itself, the Soviet Union performed truly miraculous things. Here is a statement by former US Secretary of Defense William Perry: “I don’t consider myself the best expert on Soviet history, I just do it all my scientific life, but I have black holes in your history. Your country has made such a breakthrough as no other nation in the history of mankind.”

Indeed, this breakthrough is unthinkable in terms of the scale and depth of economic transformation. The main thing is that Stalin managed to awaken and lead the enthusiasm of the Soviet people, especially during the period of industrialisation and collectivisation, and to prepare the state for war.

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Another miracle is the restoration of the war-torn national economy, which was not fully realised not only by the Americans, but also by our pro-Westerners, who admire Europe, which was given huge assistance in accordance with the Marshall Plan. Here is what, for example, the legendary American journalist Anna Strong, who met Stalin twice in person, wrote in the book “The Stalin Era”: “When he began, Russia was peasant, illiterate: when he finished, it was the world’s second industrial power. Twice over he thus built it, once before the Hitler invasion and again upon the war’s ruin. That stands to his credit forever: he engineered that job.”

So isn’t it time to finally clear this name of dirt and slander, as Khrushchev and his narrow-minded followers did?

About the military protection of Russia

Military conflicts and wars against Russia are an integral part of the 1000-year history of our state. A country with such geography and geopolitical interests is doomed to be a strong military power. For Russia, readiness for defence and its existence are almost synonymous words. History has proven this many times. In the most difficult, crucial years for the country, regardless of the political system in Russia, the war became nationwide and was declared National.

Let us recall how our ancestors saved Russia in 1242, in 1380, 1612, and especially in 1812 and 1941-1945, when the wars became Patriotic and we saved not only ourselves, but also the world from dictators and fascism. At present, human civilisation is, we repeat, on the threshold of changing the old world order. All historical experience speaks about the longevity of civilisations in 1000, maximum 1200 years. The Roman civilisation lasted 1129 years, the Byzantine empire – 1128 years. The fate of others is much shorter. They may object to me and talk about China, but it is fair to consider it as a separate world (along with Japan), standing apart from other peoples.

European civilisation was formed in the 9th and 10th centuries and passed the triune classical path of its development and existence. Origin and formation in the 9th-14th centuries, flourishing in the 15th-18th. In the 19th century, it passed the fatal 1000 years of its civilised life and is in a state of degradation and degeneration. Figuratively speaking, European civilisation has already taken almost 200 years of the future civilisation with its perverted unipolar world order and LGBT culture. The salvation from the final degeneration of capitalism was the 20th century, with two world wars and the destruction of the Soviet Union.

Currently, all the forces of the United States and the EU are focused on waging an anti-Russian proxy war in Ukraine, preparing them in other states on the borders of the Russian Federation, in the regions of its geopolitical interests in order to restrain the development of our country and its subsequent destruction, on preserving the existing world order in the agony of capitalism and imposing Western “values” .

This is yet another turning point in the history of the Russian state and the future world order, which should put an end to American and generally Western impunity and permissiveness, which is the essence of the emerging multipolar world. Russia, as has happened more than once in history, found itself on the edge of confrontation, acting not only for the sake of its future, but also for the further development of the absolute majority of humanity.

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Karl Clausewitz’s formulation that war is the continuation of politics by violent means has thus received a new and more comprehensive confirmation at the mediocre end of the existing world system. We are talking, we repeat, about the formation of a new world order, and not another robbery of a defeated state and the return of territories lost in previous wars and conflicts.

This fully applies to the Special Military Operation. Its operational tasks are being clarified in connection with the opposition of Western countries that compete in the supply of lethal weapons to the Kiev criminal clique. And the civilian population, in accordance with American practice, is used by nationalists as a human shield. Such methods of warfare are not typical of traditional wars of the past, which, of course, complicates the work of our troops, requires much more time and, unfortunately, victims. Nevertheless, we must step up our attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, operational equipment, and communications, which are subject to deadly weapons flows.

In the Great Patriotic War, each operation was prepared for months, training of personnel and especially combat and logistics support, reserves was conducted. These are the basics of operational and military art. Neglect of them caused the defeat of Tukhachevsky’s armies in the Soviet-Polish war of 1920: the remoteness of the rear, lack of ammunition, problems with communication and encryption, accumulated fatigue from continuous heavy fighting and, as a result, the heaviest defeat, tens of thousands of prisoners tortured in Poland, the loss of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus.

We will not demand a blitzkrieg from our army, because it is at war with a united Europe represented by NATO, mercenaries from the United States and other countries that use the most modern military-industrial potential. The West itself counted on a blitzkrieg, the depletion of our economy and finances, and did not count on the 80% support for the Special Military Operation by our people. But time, given the situation in Europe and the Chinese factor, is working for Russia.

Military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces, primarily soldiers, sergeants and tactical officers, fight as we have prepared them for combat operations. The army is either fighting or preparing for war. This is an axiom. It is necessary for everyone to prepare for the armed defense of the state, to master the military accounting specialty, and the country and all departments should create conditions for this. Its consequences can be equated with a world war, because it can lead to a change in the world order, as it was as a result of two world wars. Therefore, it should be equated with the new Patriotic War, which requires mobilisation. So, I believe that the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on declaring partial mobilisation was issued very timely.

And one last thing. A power with Nuclear Deterrence Forces cannot lose the confrontation with the enemy in any development of the strategic and geopolitical situation. We don’t need a world without Russia and the Russian people.

Leonty Shevtsov

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