Farewell to Ukraine: What Awaits Donbass Under President Zelensky

The residents of the LPR and the DPR will receive protection against shelling, and the territories will be integrated into Russia, assure the political expert interviewed by the “ukraine.ru” website on April 29th. The new president of Ukraine Zelensky will not be able to change the situation – he is a hostage of the existing system in which the US will not give him control over the territory of the country.

After Vladimir Zelensky’s victory at the Ukrainian presidential election, the discussion about Donbass became more active. Last week the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship by the residents of LPR and the DPR.

People in Ukraine were, of course, indignant.

And already on the eve of Easter Zelensky actually wrote an open letter to Putin, which he showed to Facebook: the new head of Ukraine will practically not differ from the old one, Petro Poroshenko. In addition the new head of the country said that he is still ready for dialogue, but at the same time very unflatteringly characterised the authorities of the Russian Federation.

Zelensky’s letter made it clear that there will not be “quick peace” in Donbass. Concerning what there will be instead, “ukraine.ru” was told by the Russian political experts.

“It will be impossible to open fire at Donbass with impunity”

In the next year, after a wave of inhabitants of the region obtaining Russian citizenship, about 500,000 citizens of Russia can appear in Donbass. In fact, the status of people and territories will change.

“They will no longer be able to open fire at them with impunity, as has been done by the UAF during the last five years,” said the CEO of the Center for Political Information Aleksey Mukhin.

Today the authorities of Ukraine perceive the residents of the DPR and LPR according to the concept of total war: as an absolute enemy who it is impossible to negotiate and reach an agreement with, who international standards and conventions do not apply to, and who can only be destroyed, noted the political scientist and director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise Valery Korovin.

“The Ukrainian authorities during the last five years have dehumanised the image of the residents of Donbass, depicting them as a total, irreconcilable enemy subject for destruction. This was caused by the fact that Ukraine considered the inhabitants of the People’s Republics as a part of their own population, which itself has a low status in the eyes of the Ukrainian leadership, even those who are located on the territories controlled by Kiev,” reported Korovin.

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Obtaining Russian passports completely and cardinally changes the status of the residents of the DPR and LPR. They turn into fully-fledged citizens, with all rights and freedoms, on whose side there is the Russian state with all its power, diplomatic, military, administrative capabilities, with social support and full legal recognition of these people as full citizens of the Russian Federation, pointed out the political scientist.

“It is precisely this humanitarian aspect that Vladimir Putin spoke about when he explained the decision to issue Russian passports, meaning that being outside of the legal space of Russia, people will be just simply physically destroyed, subjected to genocide according to the concept of the total war that is waged by Ukraine against the residents of Donbass,” said Korovin.

“The right to protection against attempts to violate rights”

By obtaining Russian passports, the residents of the LPR and the DPR acquire the same rights and the same status that the other citizens of the Russian Federation have, said the political analyst and erudite Anatoly Wasserman.

“They will be no different to other citizens. There are some nuances connected, for example, to the fact that they will receive a Russian pension only if they move to the territory of the Russian Federation. But this is a general rule for all citizens”, explained the political scientist.

He added that he also once passed through these formalities.

“This is not really complicated. But anyway, the common set of rights will be the same. Including the same – like for other citizens of the Russian Federation – right to protection against different ugly attempts to violate these rights,” said Wasserman.

Minsk Agreements are impossible to fulfil

After Putin’s decree concerning Ukraine, statements started to arrive about this step made by Russia contradicting the Minsk Agreements. However, Russia regularly states that there is no alternative to these agreements. In turn, Vladimir Zelensky said that he wants to include the US and Great Britain in negotiations over Donbass.

“The Minsk Agreements is the only document that keeps territories not controlled by Kiev inside Ukraine. If to cancel or reconsider them, the situation for Ukraine will be more complicated.

It is technically possible to include anything to the agreements. It is possible to include Colombia to the negotiations. But the Russian Federation acts sharply against it, because the interests of Great Britain and the US lie in the prolongation of the conflict. New military technologies are being tried and tested on the territory of Ukraine. A state of war is extremely profitable for these countries, which do not bear any responsibility, but use such a situation to strengthen the infrastructure of NATO in the region. Including them to any format of negotiations is the same as letting the fox into the hen house,” assures Alexey Mukhin.

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At the moment the Minsk Agreements are impossible to fulfil: the blood of the victims of five years of waging an irreconcilable war of extermination lies between Donbass and the rest of Ukraine, specified Valery Korovin.

“It is already simply impossible to return to that point from which the Minsk Agreements started and to pretend that nothing happened. That’s why the Minsk Agreements sputtered out a long time ago,” assures the expert.

“Another thing is that it is still possible to preserve Ukraine as a certain subject, but this is possible only within the framework of a united, strategic, civilisational and geopolitical space with Big Russia. If, figuratively speaking, Ukraine returns to its native harbour following Crimea, then Donbass can return to Ukraine, but this will be already a different Ukraine with a modern history,” said Korovin.

“The US will not allow to destroy their mercenary grouping”

The implementation of the Minsk Agreements by the “organised terrorist group named ‘Ukraine'” in principle is improbable, assures Anatoly Wasserman. Therefore it is improbable that these agreements were made so that they could be fulfilled by a normal and reasonable state, but “a terrorist group could not fulfil them at all”.

“It is precisely for this reason that there is no alternative to the Minsk Agreements, because it is the only way of liquidating the organised terrorist organisation named ‘Ukraine’ available now. The alternative is solving the problem by force – a direct war against these terrorists.

But since the lion’s share of terrorists around the world, including in Ukraine, is now being protected by the United States of America, it is clear that they will not allow the destruction of this mercenary grouping without a big scandal,” said the political scientist.

However, if the Minsk Agreements is nevertheless implemented, Donbass will return to the structure of Ukraine on the terms of autonomy, said Alexey Mukhin.

Zelensky is a hostage of the system

Further steps from Russia have to follow the simplification of obtaining passports, otherwise it simply does not make any sense, said Valery Korovin.

“The rights of the people living in Donbass should be asserted consistently and fully, returning to them not only the status of a human, which the Ukrainian authorities deprived them of, but also the status of a part of the big Russian world,” said the political scientist.

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And for now Putin’s decree is the first step towards the full restoration of the unity of the Russian people in its natural historical borders, noted Korovin.

At the same time, according to him, the new authorities of Ukraine in the person of Zelensky is a hostage of a system that developed during five years.

“Taking into account his dependence on one of the local oligarchs, Igor Kolomoisky – who, with the help of his appointee, only settled scores with his friend, and then enemy Petro Poroshenko, it’s unlikely that these new authorities have any freedom of action.

Here Zelensky’s choice will consist of two options: either to obey the system and continue the same course that developed before this, or to thrown down a challenge and to live a bright, but very short political, or perhaps even physical life,” explained the political scientist.

Future of the LDPR

In general, most likely, there won’t be progress in negotiations. The present condition of LPR and the DPR, when economically they are already rather closely connected to the Russian Federation, will remain.

“Economic integration is already substantially reached. As far as I know, mutual account settlements are officially provided through Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which were recognised by Russia. They, in turn, recognised the LDPR, and accordingly such a multiple-pass route provided mutual account settlements,” explained Anatoly Wasserman.

But, according to him, it is possible to solve this problem definitively only by the full abandonment of the old Polish fantasy “Ukraine is not Russia” and by the full reintegration of Ukraine with the rest of Russia.

“Ukrainians are the same integral part of the Russian people as the residents of Arkhangelsk, Belarusians, or Smolensk residents. It is possible to support the separation of Ukraine from the rest Russia only by the continuous promotion of the conflict in this direction.

… I can tell absolutely surely say that without the reunification of Ukraine – for a start, with the Russian Federation, and then also with the rest of Russia – there will be a question of the protection of the Russian majority of the citizens of Ukraine against professional ‘Ukrainians’, who are directly hoping to take some benefit from this separation,” said Wasserman.

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