Fascism Is Being Revived Among Ukrainian Ostarbeiters In Germany

In the western European diocese of the Uniate Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, they are proud of their Banderist heritage

The main Uniate information resource has once again started snitching. It turns out that the manager of the canonical church in Ukraine, Metropolitan Antoniy, consecrated the restored cathedral of the Vologda Kremlin. Vologda! Not only that: this, obviously, military facility of the “aggressor country” was restored at the expense of patrons from Ukraine!

“At the height of the war, ‘Ukrainian patrons’ financed the restoration of the cathedral in the Russian Vologda”

Against the background of this “sensation”, so shocking to maidanist minds, the rulers of these “minds” did not pay attention – like something in passing – to another fascist coming-out in their own “episcopate”. Indeed, it is a oridnary thing already. There, almost every week, Uniate parochials “consecrate” countless monumentsdedicated to Hitler’s accomplices in Galicia and serve as memorial to them. However, this time it happened not in Ukraine, which is tolerant of everything brown, but where fascism seems to be still being fought – in Germany.

The head of the Exarchia of the Uniate Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church(UGCC) in Germany and Scandinavia called on his parishioners (who are mainly gastarbeiters from Galicia) “show the scum how many of us there are”, i.e., Banderists.

“Banderists, let’s echo each other and put + in the comments, let dregs see how many we are. Glory to Ukraine!”

Okay, this bishop (a personal appointee of the Pope, by the way) received only 8 (eight!) “pluses”. But something else is striking. This initiative was made possible in Germany, which diligently condemns its Nazi past. And in Scandinavia, whose countries, along with Germany, voted for the European Parliament resolution from February 25th 2010. In it, the highest representative and legislative body of the European Union expressed “deep regret concerning the decision made by the outgoing President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko to posthumously assign Stepan Bandera, the leader of the Organizations of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) who collaborated with Nazi Germany, the title of Hero of Ukraine” and the hope that “the new Ukrainian leadership will reconsider such decisions and maintain its commitment to European values” (which was done under Yanukovych).

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So, the European Union has already recognised Bandera as a Hitler collaborator for 10 years. However, during this time, a new generation of German politicians has grown up, and the national composition of this part of Europe has changed markedly. Well, there is a reason to remind the western reader (and the analyst of the Strategic Culture Foundation, as recognised by the US State Department and the Atlantic Council, is read on both sides of the Atlantic) why Bandera and his accomplices were classified as fascists.

Let’s start with the Act of proclamation of the Ukrainian state from July 30th 1941, authored by the first feputy head of the OUN (Banderist movement) Stetsko, in which the “Ukrainian state” promised “to work closely with the Great National Socialist Germany, which under the leadership of leader Adolf Hitler creates a new order in Europe and the world”. The creators of the “great power” assured that its “armed forces” would “continue to fight together with the allied German army… for a new order in the world”.

Proclamation of the “Act” in Ternopol under the shadow of Bandera, Hitler, and Konovalets

And despite the fact that the Germans quickly slapped them on their wandering hands for this “independence”, the creators of the “Ukrainian state”, like someone guilty of being mischeivous, started with even greater zeal to serve “the Creator and Leader of Great Germany ADOLF HITLER” (the wording of the “Act” preserved). This is evidenced by dozens, if not hundreds, of archival documents of the Abwehr, SS, and Gestapo up to the spring of 1945.

Yes, they did not become the subject of consideration in Nuremberg, the trial was conducted against the main war criminals of the Third Reich. Even the Japanese and Italians were tried separately, not to mention the riffraff like “glorious Ukrainian knights”. Yet the latter could not fail to be mentioned in the testimony concerning the German district of Galizien.

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In particular, Colonel Erwin Stolze personally transmitted instructions from the headquarters of the Wehrmacht high command to “the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists, German agents Melnik and Bandera, to organize provocative actions in Ukraine immediately after the German attack on the Soviet Union in order to undermine the nearest rear of the Soviet troops, as well as to convince international public opinion of the alleged decomposition of the Soviet rear”.

From the testimony of Captain Jozef Lazarek against Lieutenant Colonel Aikern, who “the main command of the armed forces in Berlin instructed to negotiate with the head of the OUN (b) in Ukraine, Lebed” (nickname Chort), it followed that the said Chort “accepted all the requirements of Aikern and said that the Banderists would provide the necessary personnel for saboteur and translator training schools and that the Banderists agreed to the use by the Germans of their entire underground in Galicia and Volyn for intelligence and sabotage purposes against the USSR”. It was also from Aikern (curator of all Abwehr commands on the eastern front) that Lazarek learned “S. Bandera received 2.5 million marks from the Germans, i.e. as much as Melnik gets…”.

Abwehr officer Feldwebel Paulus testified that “in addition to Bandera’s and Melnik’s groups… the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (the so-called UAOC, now part of the Holy Church of Ukraine) was used”, and “in the training camps of the general governorate, priests of the Ukrainian Uniate Church were also trained and took part in our tasks along with other Ukrainians”. According to Paulus, “Lieutenant Colonel Aikern established contact with the Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Uniate Church”: “Metropolitan Graf Sheptytsky, as Aikern told me, was pro-German, provided his house at the disposal of Aikern for [Abwehr] team 202, although this house was not confiscated by the German military authorities. The Metropolitan’s residence was in a monastery in Lvov. The entire [Abwehr] team was supplied from the monastery’s reserves. The Metropolitan dined, as usual, with Aikern and his closest collaborators. Later, Aikern, as team leader and head of the ‘Oct’ department, ordered all units under his command to establish contact with the church and maintain it”…

Yes, yes, we are talking about the very UGCC, which for some reason is not banned in the Russian Federation, which today furiously glorifies Banderists, and about which the head of the 2nd department of the Abwehr Erwin von Lahousen noted: “Cooperation with Metropolitan [A. Sheptytsky] and his entourage is a vivid example of using the church’s broad capabilities in the interests of the Abwehr”. SS Sturmbannführer Karl Neuhaus, head of the General Directorate of Imperial Security department, confirmed: “Throughout the war, the German government authorities had close contact and full support from the Uniate Church in Poland and Ukraine… This was one of the rare cases when representatives of the Church voluntarily participated directly in an SS organisation.”

Even today, the heirs of the Sheptytsky case and the chaplains of the Abwehr and SS formations support the spirit of Banderists, entrenched in Donbass. And today – in the best traditions of auxillary policemen – they inform on the canonical church. After all, as the head of the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarate) Vasily Anisimov explains, “a barracuda cannot live without poison”.

Dmitry Skvortsov

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