Father of a Kiev Pupil Who Opposed Sending Letters to the UAF Is Summoned by the SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


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After it was suggested to a pupil in the Slavyansky gymnasium of Kiev to help soldiers of anti-terrorist operation with things and medicines, a scandal between parents inflamed. The scandal was made public by the inhabitant of Kiev Tatyana Popova, who published the correspondence between parents on Viber on her page on Facebook. Also, she reported that she submitted a statement to the SBU.

Popova wrote that everything began with the information of the class supervisor about the gathering of help for ATO members. In the screenshots of the correspondence it is visible that in response to this one mother published a photo of a path with surnames of children that died during the anti-terrorist operation in Donbass. This monument is established in Donetsk.

In response to this, Tatyana Popova demanded an explanation about how it is connected to a request to help the military in the anti-terrorist operation zone.

Her opponent Svetlana answered that, in turn, she didn’t understand how Popova is threatened by her compatriots from Donbass.

In turn, other parents asked to speak in the group only about topics concerning their children.

Svetlana answered that she doesn’t want her children to be forcefully involved in doubtful initiatives.

“To cripple their souls now with what is going on – to force them to draw pictures for ATO members, or to gather donations for them is absolutely unacceptable,” wrote Svetlana.

“For me, no Ukrainian from Donbass or Lvov will become the enemy, no matter what is said about it on TV,” she added.

Also Svetlana’s husband Vadim wrote that nobody will force his child to write letters to people in armies that “flatten the peaceful civilians of Donbass”.

After the unceasing conflict, the administrator of group removed both women from the correspondence.

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Tatyana Popova added on social networks that she wasn’t supported by parents. In total, there were 32 in the correspondence, but her position was supported by only 2 people.

“I was upset that people with such views behave provocatively. The fact that I was equated to those separatists was actually because I was removed from the group along with her,” she wrote.

Also Tatyana Popova wrote that she addressed the SBU after the incident, and that she communicated with the class supervisor, head teacher, and the director. She was promised that at the next parents’ meetings, not only in their class, but in all others, a serious conversation take place, where the school will announce its patriotic position to all parents.

“Concerning the conflict that arose in our class, it was promised to invite parents who expressed their anti-Ukrainian thoughts, and to speak to them about the rejection by the school of their “civil position”. But the leadership of the school expressed that they aren’t sure that they are able to change something in the heads of these people… The leadership of the school knows about the statement in the SBU, and I asked to warn about it to those parents so that they aren’t surprised if people from State bodies want to communicate with them,” wrote Popova on social networks.

This scandal received a new continuation when, in the middle of February, part of the parents did not agree that their children wrote letters of support to the military in the anti-terrorist operation zone [Ukrainian Army – ed], and also voiced support for the organization of a facultative class on studying the Russian language at school.

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Svetlana reported on “Facebook” on 05.04.17 that her husband Vadim had been summoned for a conversation with the SBU.

“So we were called from “there”… on Friday my husband will go for a conversation with the SBU. He is a person who has never committed any crime in his life,” wrote Svetlana.

As Svetlana told “Strana”, already at the time when this scandal began and programmes on TV channels were aired, the adviser to the head of the SBU Yury Tandit was forced to react. However, he recognized that there is no violation of the law in this incident.

“A month passed, and the initiator of the persecutions against us – the activist of parental committee of the school Tatyana Popova, began to distribute an interview about how she fought against “separatism”, and to complain that neither the school, nor law enforcement agencies react,” says Svetlana.

Recently, a representative of the SBU came to the workplace of her husband – a physicist of one of the laboratories of radiation medicine, demanding a profile of his personality. This profile was, as a whole, positive.

And today the employee of the SBU called the husband, having presented himself as Taranenko Oleg Anatolyevich, and invited him for a conversation on Friday. At present Svetlana’s family has no lawyer.

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