FEMEN Activist Alisa Vinogradova Criticised The Illegal Activities of the “Mirotvorets” Website

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Th activity of the brainchild of the adviser to the Interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, the scandalous website Mirotvorets, is directed not so much at threats to the state as it is to the opponents of the Poroshenko regime.

This was stated on the air of the video blog of the Kiev journalist Evgeny Kuksin “Bald Truth” by the activist of the sextremist movement “FEMEN” Alisa Vinogradova.

“Anything can be classified as ‘collaboration’. The vast majority of people on ‘Mirotvorets’ never said anything pro-Russia in nature at all, they are there because they do not like Poroshenko, but they were dragged there. I.e., this topic (when the ‘law on collaborators‘ comes into force) will work in the same way ‘Mirotvorets’ works”

she noted

“There (on “Mirovorets”) there are a lot of people concerning who there is no proof yet there are court sentences saying that they are some ‘helpers of the Kremlin’ or that they are state traitors, and at the same time their personal information is published. I.e., some crazy people can find and kill them. It seems to me that there was a similar precedent with Buzina. Of course, there are ‘enemies of the regime’ – Stalin also used this term, which are determined as ‘collaborators’, but it needs to be proved. If a person poses a threat to the state, then it should be proved in court,” added Vinogradova.

Disclaimer: Stalker Zone does not in any way endorse the FEMEN organisation and its activities. The purpose of this translation is to show that even liberal Ukrainians are also against “Mirotvorets” and are aware of the illegality of its operations. It is clear that the reason that the website still exists is because Poroshenko needs to preserve a wide range of tools that can invoke fear in the population.

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