“Feminism” & “Decommunisation” – Different Heads of the Same Snake

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The so-called “grant-eating organizations of Ukraine”, including the notoriousInstitute of National Memory“, and LGBT community, in order to aid the further “decommunisation of the population” held a so-called “feminist march” on the streets of Kiev.

As a reminder, the “Institute of National Memory” is the office created using the Polish example, the task of which is coordination at the state level of large-scale brainwashing of the population using anti-Soviet and anti-communist spirit, and also the spreading of the nationalist version of Ukrainian history. In particular, the glorification of Hitler’s collaborators from OUN-UPA.

A similar act of USA-exported hyper-liberalism took place in the fifth column capital of Russia – Yekaterinburg next to the Lenin statue (see photos below – slogans are about women “coming out of the kitchen” and standing up against “domestic violence”, as well general nonsense about how “terrible” men are), as well as in the capital Moscow, where lunatic zombies managed to climb up the Kremlin. Since attacking Russia directly is completely out of the question post S-400 placement in Latakia (Syria), the White House’s string-pullers placed all their eggs in one basket and are now relying on destroying the Russian nation from within.

Whether it is via the Yeltsin Centre’s perversions of history, the promotion of the White ribbon movement, or the desecration of traditional norms and values, those who seek to turn Russia into another Libya will continue subversive actions as long as the money flow allows it. The good news is that the George Soros’ of this world are close to croaking, taking with them the Anglo-saxon thirst for blood. What the next generation will stand for is the million-ruble question…


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