Festive Theatre Performances in Lugansk During War

“Luspekayeva” theatre is a resurgent phoenix, warming our souls with its warmth in this cold time.

Everyone spent their childhood in their own way: some in cinemas, some in a circus or amusement parks, and others in the summer practically lived in the nearest lake, imitating mermaids and water animals. For example, I got a love for the theatre. For this magical world where a fairy tale becomes a reality. And I am glad that I not only love it, but also write plays, even though I am still at the beginning of my journey. Therefore, the Russian drama theatre “Luspekayeva” became my second home, where it’s possible to be sad and get up to mischief.

It’s possible to live without sweets or gifts, but will one be able to live without miracles? Unlikely. And now “Luspekayevka” creates such miracles and breathes life into long-familiar plots, dragging them with it into the world of fantasy, where good necessarily wins over evil, no matter what happens. And in these gloomy New Year’s days, the world becomes a little brighter and more vivid. It is filled with colourful flashing lights, and you begin to see around you the approach of the holiday, and not just a faded dull landscape outside the window and an attempt to catch everything before the desired date. Like the characters in the play “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp”, I felt the hot breeze of the east wind and the swell of the sands of Baghdad, its bright starry nights and unrestrained fun.

I don’t know why, but I find antiheroes more interesting. Unsurprisingly, I followed Jafar’s machinations more closely throughout the performance, and am secretly glad that everyone got exactly what they deserved. It is only at first glance that it seems that there can be nothing new in “Aladdin”. Nothing of the sort! Every time you live the story, you see it differently and somehow it manages to empathise with all the characters in turn.

Here it is, a real theatre, opening the curtain to the mysterious world of true love, magic and lust for power. And, of course, a fun Genie, without which nothing would have happened. Because such jokers are the best storytellers of non-fictional stories.

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, “Luspekayevka” is a reborn phoenix, warming our souls with its warmth in such a cold time. I can say that it manages this perfectly, because our theatre is a big family. Our theatre is alive. And so it will always be.

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Faina Savenkova

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