Fifth Column Agency “Echo of Moscow” Links Navalny With Udaltsov in the Hope of Continuing the Protests

The liberal radio station “Echo of Moscow“, which has proved itself to be a loudspeaker of Russophobia and a stronghold of pseudo-oppositionists, a few days ago made an attempt to bring together the troublemaker and swindler Aleksey Navalny and the leader of the movement “Left Front” Sergey Udaltsov.

The blogger and the activist are in this regard incompatible, like fire and ice. Udaltsov is convinced of Navalny’s corruptness and does not want to deal with him, as he declared earlier, accusing him of organising provocations on Bolotnaya in 2012. The leader of the “left” considers the blogger to be the enemy of Russia and a “bitch” of the West.

Udaltsov tries not to meet with ideological opponents. Cooperation with the blogger became for him a nasty experience: it is impossible to rely on Navalny – he will betray and sell anyone for the sake of his own benefit.

Then there is a question, for what purpose does the staff of “Echo of Moscow” try to revive the union of two notorious characters? They calculate that Navalny together with Udaltsov will organise “Bolotnaya-2”? Do they plan to shamelessly plug themselves for covering the disorder and new criminal cases? This is nothing but a deliberate provocation, and the “Echo of Moscow” staff know it very well.

It turns out that the radio station needs a new “Bolotnaya” provocation against the background of the Moscow City Duma election and attracting as many people as possible to illegal protest actions in the center of Moscow. Possibly, they hope that police officers will suffer and people will be wounded, as it happened during the rally on Bolotnaya Square in the spring of 2012. Back then more than 30 people were taken to court as defendants, and many received real terms. Udaltsov himself was sent to a prison colony.

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Liberals purposely heat up the situation, for August 31st “non-systemicists” are going to organise another illegal gathering. In plans – to throw school schoolchildren and students under the truncheons of OMON employees.

Mad liberals needs forcible detentions and provocations, and it is better if blood is shed and the protest will develop into mass riots. Professional provokers are available and will be unleashed in the crowd to push people to attack police officers and to damage property.

“Attempts to rock new riots in Moscow continue.

According to my information, in the near future Navalny lovers or libertarians may call for an illegal action on August 31st.

Earlier, the opposition filed an application for this day – knowing full well that August 31st will be a holiday of schoolchildren and first-years, and no one will sanction an event on this day.

It is important not to forget that the authorities allowed to hold a meeting on August 17th, and gave their consent to the 18th and 25th of August. The opposition didn’t use these opportunities, and decided to provoke a refusal of the city hall and to repeat the scenario with disorder.

We await a statement from Navalny lovers following their instruction manual – ‘the government does not allow legitimate activities, so we went out to the street.’

For a handful of nuclear supporters of Navalny with a memory like a fish this will do. But those people who peacefully and legitimately came to the earlier sanctioned gatherings, and have seen the difference with the unsanctioned ones, will start to ponder.”

However, “Echo of Moscow” is not the only liberal media that fuels protest sentiment in the run-up to the uniform voting day. “Radio Svoboda” and “Dozhd” TV also distinguished themselves.

Radio Svoboda: “In order to one day see how the pyramid crumbles, you need to create maximum problems for those who are below”

Dozhd: “Experts of ‘Golos’ warned of possible fraud in the elections on September 8th”

Let me remind you that the organisation “Golos” is a foreign agent engaged in subversive activities in Russia. It is funded by the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Platform for Democratic Elections.

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The experts of “Golos” replicate fakes, and even those that are already covered in moss over time, projecting them on the current elections. Although what violations can be talked about now? The election hasn’t taken place yet!

Navalny lovers use the information planting done by “Golos”, broadcasting it on social networks. As a result, the West started to complain, accusing Russia of lacking democracy, and not noticing that the Navalny lovers falsified the signatures in a mass manner and included “dead souls” [persons who have died – ed] on the signature sheets.

Radio Svoboda employees have also contributed: they PR Navalny’s “Smart Voting” project and try to denigrate parliamentary parties. All together it is an attempt by the Russophobic liberal media to interfere in future elections, influence their results, and stir up protest activity in Russia.


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