Fifth Column Money Laundering: How Khodorkovsky paid Navalny

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


As was joyfully reported by all progressive media and bloggers, yesterday the fled oligarch Khodorkovsky, who is wanted for ordering murders, declared his full support to the twice conditionally-convicted Navalny, who, according to the law, has no right to participate in the Russian presidential elections in 2018. The way it sounds! But, it appeared that support for Navalny by Khodorkovsky including financial, isn’t news any more and has even already been documented. I.e., Mikhail Khodorkovsky, as it became clear, has injected money into the citizen Navalny for a long time, and in quite decent quantities. Of course, in dollars. To be exact, in tens of thousands of dollars.

So, besides the already known “Open Russia” of Khodorkovsky, in the British register one more “Open Russia” was discovered, founded recently – in November, 2015. As it follows from the record of the British register, “Open Russia”, instead of being twisted and branded in the west as “Open Russia”, is called OR (OTKRYTAYA ROSSIA). And this is not an error because such an organisation was assigned a separate registration number – 09888704. That de jure means a separate enterprise that doesn’t have a visible connection neither with trademarks nor with the same “Open Russia [Otkrytaya Rossia]”.

Why did Khodorkovsky need OTKRYTAYA ROSSIA? The answer, in general, is obvious. Firstly, another spelling, even the replacement of two letters in the word complicates the search of the necessary organization for those who are interested in its doubtful financial activity. Secondly, through an office with a distorted name it is possible to drag across the line doubtful payments or payments that should be hidden, moreover, to do it without damage to the main brand. Besides this, it is always possible to say that Mikhail Khodorkovsky “sees all this for the first time“. Khodorkovsky spun this trick already when he hid away from the payment of taxes in Yukos Oil Company, and there isn’t anything new in it.

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The official founder and director of OTKRYTAYA ROSSIA is Natalya Shachkova, according to some data, the former assistant to the lawyer Khodorkovsky Anton Drel. And this same Shachkova created a number of other structures intended for the legalization of the money of Mikhail Khodorkovsky directed towards financing “revolution” in Russia, among which there is the institute “Free Acess one”, discovered in the Czech Republic (its number in the register – 03939332).

The aims of the institute is the spreading of democracy, freedom … and black cash tax evasion according to shady schemes. The veteran of all democratic waves – Mikhail Schneider – was obliged to admit receiving means in Khodorkovsky’s structure of “Free Acess one” “for consultations”. Standing from the PARNAS party for the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the candidate declared an income in 2015 from Free Acess one, (Czech Republic).

And now about Navalny. So, the trustee of Khodorkovsky known to us as Natalia Shachkova and the citizen of Germany Frank Gerhart Rieger, who also is in the leadership of the already known Czech money laundering shop of Mikhail Khodorkovsky “Free Acess one”, created in Estonia a new NGO “MTÜ Free Access HR” (registration number 80376665). This “non-profit organization” also represents another office of Khodorkovsky on financing the opposition.

It is exactly in this way that through “MTÜ Free Access HR” the “activist” of “Open Russia” Maria Baronova, standing for the State Duma in 2016, received considerable money for certain “services”, and forgot to declare them.

But the most interesting happened in 2015, when the entire team of Alexei Navalny was preparing for elections, both regional and federal – money was raised from trolls, sponsors were brought in, the information space was bought, the paid-for scandals were staged. In brief, Navalny very much-needed money.

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Alexei Navalny has his right hand and faithful armour-bearer, he is also the chief of his campaign headquarters – Leonid Volkov, who even at the last forum of “Open Russia” in Tallinn substituted the conditionally convicted Navalny, speaking on behalf of his name. And it is precisely this Leonid Volkov in the summer of 2015 covertly concluded an agreement with the aforementioned Estonian office of Khodorkovsky’s “MTÜ Free Access HR” for … carrying out research on “Structures of Modern Russian Society”. To be exact, two research projects like that, sorry, research for 30,000 US dollars each time. A total of 60,000 dollars. Not bad, right?

Here the interesting document provided by goldpegas:

And Volkov quickly, in two months, easily writes such pieces of “research”. In reality, nobody saw these pieces of “research”, but the act of delivery-acceptance of works is available. And invoices for payment are also available. Here it is (from the same source):

It is clear that nobody wrote such pieces of “research”, and this 60,000 dollars from Khodorkovsky was safely delivered to Alexei Navalny. And, as we know, this is only a small part of the money that the fled oligarch Khodorkovsky pumps over through “laundries” for Navalny. And now, seemingly, the number of zeros will considerably increase, because Khodorkovsky officially called for Navalny’s support at presidential elections next year. And the fact that Navalny has no right to stand as he is serving a suspended sentence, doesn’t at all disturb Mikhail Khodorkovsky, as well as the illegality of financing.

And one more important question. The chief of staff of Navalny Leonid Volkov, at the time when he received 60,000 dollars from Khodorkovsky’s “afterwash” in Estonia, he stood for the legislative assembly of the Novosibirsk region and headed the HQ of the party PARNAS at elections in the Kostroma regional duma. But, of course, nowhere did this comrade mention the money received from Khodorkovsky and, of course, he didn’t pay any taxes. How is it possible?

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It is also clear that such actions of the team of Navalny in receiving money from Khodorkovsky is, in fact, financing political activity from abroad, bypassing the established procedure of registration as a foreign agent. Hey! Fund of the fight against corruption! Isn’t it time to begin an investigation?

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