Fifth Column “Novaya Gazeta” Demands the Right to Riot in Russia Following the “Example” Set by the US

The riots in the United States are not calming down. While some calculate economic losses, others talk about the number of victims, and others try to justify what is happening by presenting events in an engaged format.

For example, a journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” [a fifth-column agency in Russia – ed] published material about protests in the United States. However, the employee of the agency presented the social riot in America as something that Russia should look up to.

“Surprisingly, American legislation, the severity of which Russian diplomats and deputies are so fond of referring to, allows people who want to speak out on an urgent issue to slightly interfere with the passage of citizens rushing to the summer house, the clinic, and the metro.”

The correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Pavel Kanygin presented a demonstration in Boston as a model of protest, where law enforcement kneel in front of the mutineers, and they have the right to organise chaos.

American legislation does provide an opportunity, but they will pay the fines for violators themselves.

For disobeying the police, regarded as hooliganism, Americans face a fine of $250, for injuring police officers – $20,000. A prison sentence of six months can be received for refusing to comply with the demands of law enforcement. Here they are, the real rights of Americans.

It is interesting to know how Pavel would have responded about the fact that police in Washington dispersed protesters with tear gas so Trump could be photographed near a church? Also an example of loyalty and democracy?

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And what about the victims? In a few days more than 10 people died because of the riots in the United States. Three people died in Indianapolis, a 19-year-old boy was killed in Detroit during protests, and one victim was recorded in Chicago. There are also reports of people being injured by shootings.

And what does Kanygin think about the behavior of the police officers who, dispersing the mutineers, injured a pregnant woman?

And since we’re talking about legislation. Kanygin, do you even read the news? Do you know that in order to restrain the public, Trump is ready to deploy troops in American cities? It is very democratic to use the army against your own people.

However, what other article could be expected from a person who had long been bought by Western curators? Fulfilling the orders of his masters, Pavel even compared Russia to the Third Reich.

He gained his popularity in the liberal environment by covering events in Ukraine. He became famous for fakes about “Donbas terrorists”. He wrote about “Boeing” and did not forget to insert Ukro-nazi propaganda in his texts.

However, inventing nonsense is not a problem for Kanygin. After a dose of cocaine, you can invent even more than this. It was because of his love of drugs that Kanygin was deported to Russia.

Anton Sokolov

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