The Fight Over the Two Holy Sites in Islam

By Captain Ahab

The Saudi Mufti, the highest religious authority in the country in commenting on Khamenei’s criticisms of the Kingdom’s incompetence to organize the yearly pilgrimage (Hajj) of millions of muslims without having accidents that cause the deaths of hundreds, and in the case of last year probably 2000 deaths, of which hundreds were Iranians, caused the supreme leader to speak where he said: “This incident proves once again that this cursed, evil family does not deserve to be in charge and manage the holy sites.”

The Mufti replied by saying: “accusations laid against us from the Iranians is not a surprise to us, we have to understand that these people are not muslims, they are the heirs of the Magi’s, their animosity with Islam and specifically the Sunni world is something old”. Essentially what the Mufti just said is that the entire Iranian leadership are kuffar (Heretics).

Are Shia’s or specifically Twelver Shias muslims?

Here is a legal edict from Al-Azhar in 1959 issued by the highest religious authority in  Egypt of his time Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Shaltut, though Al-Azhar is located in Egypt its religious authority stretches beyond Egypt’s borders.

The second point in this edict is what concerns us, in it he says:

“The Ja’fary school of thought (Twelver Shia’s) which is also known as Al shia Al Imamia Athna Asharee is a school of thought which is religiously correct to follow as other Sunni Schools of thought.”

Below you can see both the arabic and english translation of the Fatwa signed Sheikh Al-Shaltut.

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