A Fight Without Rules: Aleppo vs Mosul

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, commenting on the storming of Mosul (an operation by the US-led coalition to liberate the Iraqi city), asked a very uncomfortable question. Namely — what to do with the huge influx of the civilian population, which, of course, will want to leave the combat zone.

Most likely everyone remembers how relatively recently western politicians, media, and even high-ranking officials from the Pentagon accused Russia, together with Assad, of using migration as weapon in attempt to derail European structures and to destroy Europe’s resolve. And that supposedly the Russian military in Syria are using weapons that cannot be described as having a “high degree of precision”. And that “it leads to a big flow of refugees from areas that are exposed to bombings”.

But the US understands well that Russia records all moves, and now it’s our turn to use the rhetoric of our “partners” to ask uncomfortable questions and to draw attention to facts that were recently raised to “blame” us.

Taking into account the recent news, we began to work resolutely and considerably.

Firstly, ISIS began mass executions, the purpose of which is not only intimidation and a demonstration of force, but also to considerably reduce the number of potential refugees.


By the way, if the murder of 284 people that took place is customary for the militants’ scheme, then it is interesting where in the besieged and half-ruined city nearly three hundred orange jumpsuits came from?! Or maybe inventories were replenished by the humanitarian assistance that arrived the day before from the Red Cross?!

Secondly, today to Iraq there was an undeclared visit by the Minister of Defence of the US Ashton Carter. The first thought is that he brought a ransom to ISIS for the liberation of Mosul. Which, according to the plan of the Pentagon, must be liberated without excessive noise and dust within the next two weeks. Moreover, the departure of fighters must be quick (to prevent a wave of refugees), with minimal losses among civilians. And the way of their retreat must lie in the direction of the Syrian Aleppo. Taking into account that a situation that in Mosul and in Aleppo is under the monitoring of the Airforce and Ministry of Defence satellites of the Russian Federation, the probability is high that most of fighters will join their brothers-in-arms not in Syria, but in hell. But even this the USA will try to use to their purposes. In short, where ever you spit — everywhere they have continuous profit.

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If this cunning, but simple plan manages to be sucessful, then the remaining seven days prior to presidential elections the Obama’s administration will fully manage to spread around “success” and to enjoy this victory.

So in this way, the USA will recover status quo in the opinion of the citizens, who reproach the present country’s leaders for having an indecisive foreign policy, which to the right degree doesn’t combine today national interests with ethical principles.

Although, actually in reality the operation in Mosul is a sublimation of the scenario for Aleppo. It is exactly there that a triumphal offensive against ISIS and the parallel overthrowing of Assad’s regime had to take place today.

But … the USA expects, but it is Russia who commands.

And not only with sufficient opportunities and the mandate of the legal Syrian government, but also by political will allowing to act without coordination with the coalition.

And finally. A humanitarian pause in Aleppo against the background of the storming of Mosul.

There is a supposition that, in case of similarity of a situation in these hot spots, Russia will just simply wait for the emergence of a precedent from the US-led coalition. Because, once again I will repeat, Americans are in a hurry. And it means, almost for certain, they will go beyond the framework of “ethical principles”. We will be able to later use this in Syria, without being afraid that they will again try to declare us as “war criminals”.

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