From Fighter for Russia To “Patriot” of Ukraine: Notorious Deputy Aleksey Goncharenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the Internet a video appeared called “How a little boy Lesha became an idiot in life and the shame of Odessa”, which discloses the background of the notorious People’s Deputy Aleksey Goncharenko.

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the party “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” Aleksey Goncharenko, who came to fame after his scandalous antics and statements, today is not just a People’s Deputy, he is also the deputy head of the BPP and, as he himself notes, he is not going to stop at this.

But who is Goncharenko really, and how did he get into Ukrainian politics?

The biography and dark past of Goncharenko speaks for itself. It is known that the People’s Deputy since the beginning of his career chose the political and public position that the government at the time adhered to.

When there was a need to love Russia, the Kremlin, and the Russian language, or to wear a St. George’s ribbon — no problem, then throw on a shirt “Putin — Hitler” with the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” —  why not too?! In short, the People’s Deputy does everything that the regime demands, just in order to be in power. And what is very interesting is that the transformation of a fighter for the Russian language and Russia into a “patriot” of Ukraine during Maidan does not confuse anyone.


Like how nobody is confused by the fact that Goncharenko was an active participant in the attack on the House of Trade Unions on 2nd May 2014, when it was burned and 48 people were killed [in reality it was over 300 – ed].

Known activist of Kharkov’s resistance Konstantin Dolgov, who now lives and works in the Donetsk People’s Republic, said on his channel on YouTube who Goncharenko really is and what we should know about him.

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Dolgov recalled the story of Goncharenko rather originally — “How a little boy Lesha became an idiot in life and the shame of Odessa”.

Dolgov calls Goncharenko super-scum and notes that everyone should know about his dark and vile deeds.


He notes that prior to the coup in Ukraine Goncharenko was known as the son of ex-mayor of Odessa Aleksey Kostusev and the people’s Deputy from the “Party of Regions”, and he was called a bastard and a beast already before Maidan, but it is exactly the “revolution of dignity” that revealed all the abilities of the young politician.

“In 2014, we could see the change of political persuasion of many. Goncharenko was no different,” said Dolgov.

And then he reminds everyone how Goncharenko distinguished himself after Maidan.

It is precisely he who tried to disrupt the referendum in Crimea, and for this received a black eye. He came to Strasbourg in a t-shirt “Putin-Hitler”, wore a tie “Putin C’est la honte” (shameful Putin), and even with a mobile phone at the ready to defend Debaltsevo from “damned invaders” (he was talking on his mobile phone and watched on as Ukrainian punishers fired shells on the peaceful civilians of Donbass).


Dolgov also gives as an example how Goncharenko boasted about the burning of people in Odessa on 2nd May, and also recalls how, because of his participation in the mass murder in the House of Trade Unions, Alexsey was called in Russia “opportunistic beast”.

“He personally participated in the burning of people on May 2nd, and then took pictures on the background of their bodies – as a winner. That’s why sometimes he clowns around hoping that others will forget about his involvement in the mass murder, and about his incitement to kill “Kolorads“. But no, we will not forget. Today I communicate with many Odessa residents, including those who fought in the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic, they will never forget,” concluded Dolgov.

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