This is How “Fighters” Against the “Anti-People Regime” of Yanukovych Celebrate New Year

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada spoke about how they planned to celebrate the New Year. Most of them said to “Radio Svoboda” that they were going to celebrate at home.

So, Mikhail Papiev (Opposition bloc) said that he would celebrate with his parents.

“I always celebrate New year with my parents,” he said.

Oksana Syroid (Samopomich), Oksana Prodan (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko – BPP), Vladimir Parasyuk (independent), and Maksim Bourbak (People’s Front) also said that they planned to be home with their families.

Yegor Sobolev (“Self Help”) planned to go to his country house.

Sergey Taruta (independent) for the New year planned to go to Mariupol.

“I, honestly speaking, rent 20 girls from a modeling agency 20. We go, take a ship, and go to sea. Cristal champagne, we will pour it into the sea. We will go up in quadcopters, fireworks for 20,000 euros. And this is just to begin,” said Aleksey Goncharenko (BPP) about his plans.

“We invite Beyonce, she comes. So, that’s my plan for the New year,” he added.

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