Fighting in Vinnytsia After Groysman Embezzled State Funds

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Vinnytsia at a session of the city Council a lawyer was beaten, his mobile phone confiscated, and his namebadge was removed, reports 20 minutes.

The conflict took place during the consideration of a decision on the allocation of money to the municipal enterprise “Vinnytsia Municipal Investments Fund”. Automaidan activists affirm that the money transferred to this Fund afterwards was illegally withdrawn. At the meeting of February 24th, the issue of the allocation of an additional 100 million UAH was discussed.

“We conducted an investigation and learned that last year the Fund invested in private enterprises, related to the family of Groysman. I.e., the money was simply withdrawn from the budget. And now another 100 million hryvnia needs to be allocated,” said the leader of the Vinnytsia Automaidan Taisiya Gaida.
Activists held a rally outside the building of the City Council, and then went to the session hall. And thats where the conflict occured.
As a reminder, earlier it was reported that in the City Council of Kherson there was a fight over bus fares.

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