Filaret Tries to Justify Kiev’s Aggression: War Was Sent to the Residents of Donbass Because of Their Wrong Life

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Kiev’s punitive army operation against Donbass, which turned into a full-scale war, is a consequence of the wrong life of the region in the past.

This was stated in an interview to the “Fakty” publication by Mikhail “Filaret” Denisenko, the head of the self-proclaimed “Kiev patriarchy” who was excommunicated from the Orthodox Church for creation of schism.

According to him, via the war the highest forces bring “purification” for Donetsk residents.

“Why does God, who governs (and we trust in it) the whole world, all people, and every individual allowed war and suffering? There can be only one answer: in order so that the residents of Donbass address him.

Many Churches were constructed there, but they aren’t filled with belief because many residents of Donbass are indifferent to God, to religion, and to Church. And being baptized Christians, they don’t live the Christian belief.

The Lord has given this test in order so that they begin to live Christianly, to have God in their hearts, to appreciate him, and not wealth, not wellbeing on Earth,” said Filaret.

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