Who Filmed the Explosion of the OCSE Vehicle in Donbass, and Why?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As was already reported by “Russian Spring”, a video of the explosion of the OSCE vehicle in Donbass was published.

The  terrorist attack took place on 21st April, 2017, in the area of the village Prishib in the territory of the Lugansk region.

Even during the initial familiarization with the video recording, several questions arise.

We will try to answer them based on the presented facts.

Firstly: why was such exclusive-sensational material published by “Radio Svoboda”, and not by official sources that have access to such information? It doesn’t look like fabricated material (although everything is possible), but for now we will contemplate it…

Furthermore, from where, who, with what, what kind of camera was it filmed with, the aim of the surveillance, what attracted the attention of the camera operator? Because they (the human operator, who controlled the fixed-installation camera) for sure was here.

And this knowledge is most important in order to understand and evaluate the footage.

Attempts to establish the location and whose camera it is leads to rather interesting conclusions.

In the accompanying diagram it is visible that according to the angle of the camera it is clearly located on the territory of the Lugansk region controlled by Ukrainian troops. Whose is it and why is it there?

The leadership and representatives of the OSCE Joint Monitoring Mission in Ukraine repeatedly stated about the deployment by the end of 2016 of a surveillance system on the contact line of the parties in the conflict in Donbass. But they did not confirm that precisely this camera belongs to and is used by them.

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Also, in the videomonitoring recordings by the OSCE mission in Ukraine that were published earlier, the service information indicating the belonging to the mission, as well as the date, time, and other data was always shown. In addition, representatives of the organization had to formally submit these materials, which hasn’t been done.

It means that the camera does not belong to the OSCE, but to the Ukrainian side, and is used to observe the adjacent territory, i.e. the Lugansk People’s Republic. It is obvious that it is used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces for intelligence purposes, and that it is operated by the reconnaissance staff.

And what is this quite high-quality surveillance equipment that allows one to carry out observation with such a resolution and light sensitivity? Is it possible that it is the Ukrainian reconnaissance-innovators themselves who deployed such a video system and operate it? It is very doubtful. Apparently, it didn’t happen without the help of close NATO partners, and most likely it is connected to the direct participation of American instructors and the supply of reconnaissance equipment from the United States.

Earlier in the Ukrainian media information about the supply by Washington of various “non-lethal and defensive weapons” and equipment was repeatedly published. This includes communication, Harris, “Raven” drones, and radarlocation counter-mortar stations AN/TPQ-36/48, and other high-tech equipment for a lot of American money.

And it is American experts or Ukrainian military trained by them using American funds who must use it.

Searches in Ukrainian media and on social networks allow to find the confirmation of the deployment of videoreconnaissance for around the clock observation and the correction of artillery fire and other means of destruction on the positions of militiamen and civilian towns on the territory of Donbass. This concerns tower with cameras mounted approximately every 10 kilometers that can track objects at ranges of up to 10 km with high resolution around the clock. It is on one of these towers that the video camera that was filming was situated.

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But who was operating this camera, and why? It is clear that it was the reconnaissance of the Armed forces of Ukraine or the United States, who obviously was pinpointedly observing the progress of especially the OSCE vehicles.

Moreover, how he adjusts the camera attracts attention. The operator closely monitors and follows the movement of the vehicles on a particular stretch of road.

They are supposed to record some important event here.

We see that the operator is a little nervous when they lost focus, but they re-established it rather quickly. And it is exactly in this place – seemingly important for them, and at a determined time that the event happened that they were expecting.

One of the already-passed by vehicles of the international observers exploded. Despite the place of the explosion being hidden behind local objects, the operator tracked it especially so. I.e. the operator knew what was about to happen, where, and at what time.

Consequently, the Ukrainian military or American reconnaissance knew about the preparation of this terrorist act, and they had to report materials for presentation to their superiors. Here, the task is fulfilled, everything went according to plan, we did this work as you needed it.

This video footage is the actual proof desired by Ukrainian and US reconnaissance of the carrying out of a terrorist attack on the OSCE observers. By a sinister coincidence of circumstances, or through planning, in this terrorist attack an ordinary American was killed.

Now Poroshenko and his company have a reason to accuse “Lugansk militants” of using mines against observers and make statements about the introduction of an international armed contingent. This is the exact purpose and intent of this insidious crime.

Now back to the source of the publication — “Radio Svoboda”. Most likely, we can expect falsification – based on this video footage and the blame for the attack being pinned on the LPR, or the imminent deletion of it, which will only confirm the blunder of “Radio Svoboda” done to raise ratings.

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It is hoped that this time the OSCE representatives will undertake a truly independent and thorough investigation, which will allow to punish the perpetrators.

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