Five Reasons the USA Would Lose a War With Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Western analysts and military experts have not tired from arguing on the topic of a confrontation between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance headed by the USA. Despite modelling different kinds of hypothetical scenarios of conflict with the Russian army and the probability of full-scale conflict, experts often agree on one thing – the United States actually has no chance of winning.

If such a war starts, it is obvious that the lion’s share of the fighting will take place in Europe. In this case, the US will be obliged to throw all forces of the military bloc into the fight, two-thirds of which are owned by resources in America. Obviously, these forces will be insufficient, nevertheless, a reduced US military presence in the Old world is not the main reason for the negative outcome for Washington.

The modernisation of the Russian army

The comprehensive program of modernisation of the Russian army to date has made the structure more capable than ever. The equipment of the separate Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is well ahead of the USA, and the obsolete weapons at the disposal of the Alliance in Europe does not compete with the Russian equipment.

The geographical position

In order to strengthen the technology of the fleet, the USA will have to spend a lot of time and money for the delivery of weapons to Europe. And here is the important geographical factor. Eastern Europe is washed by the seas, in which you can enter only through narrow straits. Therefore, it will not be difficult for Russia to establish a dominant position both on water and on land and to be fully prepared by the time the US troops arrive.

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The US army is critically not ready

US Armed Forces have only two fixed divisions in Europe. By the time these troops will receive reinforcements, the Russian army will simply crush them and then do the same with the strengthening units, which, in fact, will not strengthen, but will take the place of the defeated units. Besides this, a significant part of the US army all can be cut off from the theatre of operations, and aircraft neutralized by modern Russian air defense systems, which is the most advanced on the planet.

Allies will not come to the rescue

In the event of a conflict, most probably, the opposition will not go beyond the borders of the Baltic countries and Ukraine. However, many Western States are reluctant to defend neighbors to the East, nor even for Western allies. In this case, the States will fail to reach even a numerical advantage, and this taking into account the fact that technical superiority will initially be on the side of Russia.

Washington fears an escalation of the conflict

Naturally, an escalation of the conflict, namely expanding the range of weapons used to nuclear ones, is the most unfavourable outcome for the world. However, in this case, given that Russia is superior to the West in all aspects of equipping nuclear forces and units of missile defence, a radical change of the concept of war is clearly on the side of Russia. Neither Washington, nor one of the European capitals is ready to cause a nuclear strike on itself.

According to experts, Russia in any scenario will win a war in Europe, but there is only the question – how long will it take? According to some Western analytical centers, Russia could decide the outcome of a conflict in Europe in just one week…

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