Food for Western Elite

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Many of the oligarchs that emerged on the territories of post-Soviet States didn’t understand one simple thing: no matter how hard they try, how much they steal, how much they copy the actions of Western elites, they can never say that they are their’s – they will never enter the club on equal terms.

No matter how often you put their children in private British schools, how much you donate to charity, how much you open “Drizhchuk Art Center” with transparent toilets instead of art – for Western elites you will anyway remain just FOOD.

They will use you, strip you to the bone, humiliate you, thrown you in jail and, in the end, will strangle you with a little scarf in your own bathroom. I can enumerate for a very long time a list of “human-proof” – starting with Ukrainian Lazarenko and Firtash, and ending with the Russian Khodorkovsky and Berezovsky.

Local oligarchs are scum in the first (rarely in second) generation. While the Anglo-Saxon elites were cultivated as such for a 1000 years.

Which ever Lord you take as an example, and dig up his ancestry – there is such a list of first-class criminals and murderers that will make you “envious”. Highwaymen, robbers, pirates, smugglers, slaver-masters, drug dealers. And this has been ongoing for centuries, from generation to generation. And pay attention to the fact that inbreeding is almost exclusively between other such “noble Lords” in order to, God forbid, not to permit a decent person to be accidentally introduced.

And when such a hereditary Lord, burdened with Nazi Rudyard Kipling’s “white man’s burden”, looks at post-Soviet nouveau riche, which (as Poroshenko and Saakashvili) even is not able to pull-off wearing a suit, it is not even the sight of an experienced professional being worn by measly amateur.

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No, it is the sight of a master being worn by the slave, and a stupid slave at that. The sight of a capitalist being worn by the resources. The sight of a zoologist being worn by the particularly vile, due to representing certain scientific interests (mixed with ill-concealed disgust), beast. Like, “What’s a mere servile lackey, when even our hereditary butlers have more dignity than this “President”.

And, of course, it’s the sight of a hereditary predator being worn by the victim, the scammer being worn by a sucker , a chef being worn by the food. “How can I use you – such misery?”

To use, to dry and to throw out, because there is no interest in him – he is not equal, he is not a rival, he is not a player. And cries, snots, and wails of “used resource” do not interest anyone. It can cause mild and temporary irritation and confusion (what, it is still flailing, why?), and nothing more.

Would you be interested in the opinion of the timber with which are about to break through the wall? I doubt it. Especially because the timber is rotten, useless, a couple of blows and it will crumble itself, and you will need to find a new one.

The only thing the Anglo-Saxons respect is force. The only one who could be looked at as equal is a player, and the rival. In order to become equal with them, there is a need to become sovereign, leading an independent policy.

But this wasn’t understood by neither Lazarenko, Firtash, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky nor Poroshenko. That’s why they were (or will be, because they’re in the process of it)  chewed and discarded.

Rome remembered the name of only one barbarian – Attila. Predators respect only the trainer with a stick.

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