For Those Who Doubt the Existence of the “Tsirkon” Hypersonic Missile…

Many still consider the hypersonic “Tsirkon” missile to be nothing more than a canard. But many didn’t believe in the existence of “Kalibr”, “Kinzhal”, and “Avangard” either, but they do in fact exist.

The Director-General of “Tactical Missile Armaments” stated that the anti-ship “Tsirkon” is already undergoing the planned tests.

After the completion of testing of the anti-ship version, work on the creation of the hypersonic “Tsirkon” capable of hitting land objects will start.

The anti-ship missile will reach a speed of Mach 9, and its range of use is up to 1000 kilometers.

Nuclear submarines of the “Yasen-M” project 885M, the promising “Khaski” submarine, destroyers of the “Lider” project 23560, and the heavy nuclear missile cruiser projects 11442 and 11442M will be the carriers of “Tsirkons”.

The corvettes and frigates of our fleet will receive new missiles. There is information that there are plans to deploy “Tsirkons” even on “Karakurt”.

The range of use is huge, it has hypersonic speed, and its high manoeuvrability will allow it to overcome the air defences of aircraft carrier strike groups effectively.

A mass volley of “Tsirkons” supported by submarines will stop aircraft carrier strike groups with high probability.

It should be noted that 80 “Tsirkons” will be placed on the guided missile cruiser of project 11442M.


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