Foreign Agents

NEW – March 8, 2023

In Georgia, there are protests against the adoption of the law on foreign agents. The same law that the Georgian authorities want to adopt has been in force in the United States for almost 100 years. In the United States itself, no one protests, but the US opposes similar laws in other states.


To answer, one must understand the very essence of the “open civil society” imposed by the US (in which such a “society” is closed) to the rest of the world, and the essence of foreign agents (whose activity in the US itself is severely limited).

Foreign agents are not implementing the social order of their society. They act on behalf of, in the interests, with the financial and resource support of foreign states and individuals, influencing politics and manipulating public opinion in their state in order to change the foreign and domestic policy of their state, subordinating it to the interests of those for whom they work.

The ability to influence the government by changing public opinion is a cheaper way than bloodshed war. After all, the authorities of an individual state can be forced to act in the interests of the United States by war, or by protests. This requires an army of foreign agents and an “open” (unrestricted) society for their free subversion.

At the last Munich conference, the ideologist of an “open civil society” Soros openly said that all societies in the world are divided into open and closed ones. Open according to Soros – societies where foreign agents working for the United States are allowed everything. Closed ones are “dictatorial regimes” that do not allow foreign agents acting on the orders and for the money of Soros to destroy their states in the interests of the United States.

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Now back to the protest in Georgia. In essence, this protest is against the sovereignty of Georgia itself and for the subordination of Georgia’s policy to the US. Some will call it normal. I would call them stupid. After all, foreign agents are enemies of their state and their people. The same foreign agents destroyed Ukraine, subordinating it to the United States and turning it into anti-Russia.

Aleksandr Skubchenko

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