Former ATO Soldier and UAF Propagandist: People Don’t Love the Ukrainian Army

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On television there should be propaganda programmes showing the Ukrainian army only in a positive light. This was stated by the former fighter of the so-called ATO, the sergeant of the 72nd brigade, and nowadays the host of the radio show “Army FM” presented by the publication as “Martin Brest” in an interview to the “Ukrainsky tizhden” magazine.

“An important point is the State order for the creation of patriotic Ukranian language content on military topics for radio and television. Until the people see the army in a positive light, until they don’t truly fall in love with their military, there will be no victory. Currently the people don’t love the army, it is enough to include the news on television — there it’s mainly negative. So we need quality films and documentaries, interesting series about the Armed Forces. Preferably from independent commercial production studios. Television rules the world. What will be told there, people will think. So far it is unclear why for pseudo-veteran public organizations the State has 20 million UAH, but for the creation of patriotic movies there is nothing. War is always about money,” claims the interlocutor of the magazine.

As Politnavigator reported, the British media reported that alcoholism in the UAF has reached an epidemic level.

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